Electronic Cigarette Accessories

By Kirk Freeman

What are some basic and advanced e cigarette accessories? 

Many starters kit come with some accessories like a car charger and wall charger and everyone knows what they are but many are not still familiar with the USB passthrough and the PCC.

Using a “USB Passthrough? 

A USB passthrough is a charging device which is used instead of a battery, like many USB chargers it also has a wire which connects to the USB port, there are manual USB passthroughs and automatic passthroughs, and also there are passthroughs which do not use inline batteries and there are passthroughs which do use them.

The battery powered passthrough devices are the ones which use inline batteries, the atomizers is supplied with power through the battery and the battery charges continuously while being connected to the USB device’s power source. This gives the user a fully charged battery and the experience is similar to that of using a PV with a completely charged battery.

Some USB Passthorughs which use a line to the USB provide more power and voltage when compared with a standard e cig battery, This makes the atomizer hotter but the device will produce more vapors and will give you a ” zip”, but make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions as not al passthroughs will perform correspondingly and may vary in voltage and overall vaping experience

“PCC” what is it? 

It’s a charging case “personal charging case” that is handy and portable, you can carry it around anywhere, usually it’s shaped like a cigarette packet and can hold a couple of atomizers and one battery, the PCC has a battery that can be charged via a wall plug or a USB port, you can actually charge your ecig at least four times before charging your PCC, it is a great product to have with you.  The best PCC is the one made by V2 electronic cigarettes, in my opinion.