Reuters: E-Cigs Assist in Quitting Smoking

By Kirk Freeman

A newly published Reuters article is great news for electronic cigarette maker’s.

The article talks about how e-cig users have a “60%” greater chance of remaining off of tobacco products when compared to nicotine products like patches or gum, or just willpower, scientists said on Tuesday.


This is great news for the brands out there making these products, who are looking for that push to really keep e-cigs around and stave off FDA reports that they are NOT smoking cessation products.

The report also talks about how tobacco products contribute to cancer as well as chronic respiratory diseases, in addition to cardiovascular diseases, which happens to be the leading cause of death in the WORLD.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

“E-cigarettes could substantially improve public health because of their widespread appeal and the huge health gains associated with stopping smoking,” said Robert West of University College London’s epidemiology and public health department, who led the study.

Mainly funded by the charity Cancer Research UK and published in the journal Addiction, West’s study surveyed 5,863 smokers between 2009 and 2014 who had tried to quit without using prescription medicines or professional help.

Results were factored in for a range of capacities that could have an impact of the success of quitting, according to West.  Age, dependence on nicotine, and prior trials to quit smoking, as well as if giving up the product was over time, or on a whim.

20% of attempted quitters attempted so with the help of e-cigs, and noted that they stopped using traditional cigs.  (That’s a powerful testament to quality brands out there offering coupons to save money like Vaporzone.)

When you compare this information to the 10.1% of people using OTC aids like NRT patches or even gum, it’s really a testament.   It’s worth noting that those using will power alone had a 15.4% success rate.

Obviously, e-cigs contain nicotine (unless you buy one with 0 mg) which is a stimulant and highly addictive.  It delivers the element in water vapor instead of burning tobacco.

As e-cigs are highly controversial, they are highlighted at every step and turn. You can count on me to keep you posted on e-cigarette news and research at