Vaping Tanks

By Kirk Freeman

Here’s our recommendations for the best vape tank systems, followed by more in depth info on tanks.

The most common type is the eGo style or vape pen style.

1. The South Beach Smoke Custom Vaporizer Builder

South Beach Custom VaporizersThis puts them ahead of all the competition.

They’ve hit an ingenious and unique angle: ‘customize your own vaporizer’.

You’re able to select the tank and battery, from a few nice choices, and customize your device exactly how you want it.

Additionally they have a nice offering of e-liquids to go with your system.


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VaporFi Pro2. The VaporFi Pro Kit

This is a nice, simple and powerful device, and is their top seller.

It comes in two options, the Platinum, or the colors option (where you can choose from a bunch of colors).

It is an eGo EVOD style device, with a nice straight forward tank that’s easy to fill, with a window on the side.


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When you open e cig tanks, what do you find? That depends on whether you can open it up at all.

Cheap tanks are designed to be used a certain number of times before they become ineffective. Afterwards you throw them out. The more expensive a tank is, the more likelihood it was designed to be taken apart and rebuilt. Here are the parts you will find in an e cig tank.

Batting Material or Wick

The liquid in an e cig tank is vaporized by the atomizer with the help of material that acts like a sponge. Batting or wick soaks up the liquid. Not only does a wick or batting help the atomizer to heat your e-liquid but it also prevents spillage and leakage.

Unfortunately, this material will not last forever. When it dries out and no longer soaks up liquid, your juice might be tainted with a burnt flavor. Wick can be removed and replaced in good quality tanks, however, so you do not have to throw a good unit out with a bad wick.

The wick is not attached to the tank but it fits inside, unless you are using a cartridge with a cigalike. Then it is stuffed into the cartridge and the whole thing is thrown out — cartridge, batting, atomizer (if it is an atomized cartridge), and all. Certain makers have created wickless tanks to prevent problems with worn-out wicks.

A Tank with Vision

To get a closer look at a tank, here is a high-quality, popular device: the Vision V3 3.5ml. It comes in clear, black, or blue. The top is a black mouthpiece which also acts as the drip tip.

Beneath this is a metal cap matched by a bottom cap of the same material. Between them is the tube. Inserted through the bottom cap is a coil head in your choice of resistance (that is how hard it is to inhale). The coil head holds the wick.

Because it is such a big tank, seeing all the parts is easy compared with looking into a 1.5ml tank, but a 6ml tanks shows features up even better. Consumers have the option of replacing the inner tube without getting rid of every other component when a tube breaks if the tank was designed to be rebuilt.

Kanger Mini Pro TankKanger ProTank

Another popular brand is the Kanger ProTank II. With 2.5ml capacity and 510 threading, it fits onto most eGo batteries. Colors include clear, grey, blue, red, and purple.

Each kit contains a Pyrex glass tube, bottom base, drip tip, and a coil unit. The coil connects to the atomizer and heats your liquid. Although the atomizer and e cig tank look to be the same piece, an atomizer connects between your battery and tank.

Being made of Pyrex, the Kanger suits individuals who use corrosive e-liquids known to crack less sturdy products created from plastic.

Tank Shapes

Shopping for tanks is fun because there is no single style or shape, and lots of options for the thread of your battery. Some look like maracas. Others resemble bowling pins. There are wide ones and flat ones; ornately decorated and practical tanks.

Every color that can be replicated on metal, glass, and plastic is present in the industry. If the mouthpiece is detachable, you can also have fun swapping rubber with aluminum and stainless steel and sorting through the various designs like pawns and vases of assorted colors.

Competition over Tanks

There is loads of pricing competition which allows users to enjoy great deals. Best prices might apply to individual tanks, but sometimes deals refer to purchases of multiple tanks at the same time. This goes for the parts inside them too.