By Kirk Freeman

Graduates of electronic cigarette kits with short-life batteries and pre-filled cartridges eventually move on to advanced vaping systems. Some of these examples come from Kanger, like the Evod and Protank.

Note that impressions change over the course of a few days. Some like a model better or worse after time has passed, revealing unexpected bonuses to choosing a Kanger product or some unpleasant surprises.

KangerTech EVODReal Experiences

While Kanger tanks remain popular, there have been postings about malfunctioning products. Although buying from a company which stands behind its goods and replaces them when they are faulty eases the frustration, this still means a delay for vapers. Moreover, customer service typically says a lot about the retailer, not the brand.

When you get your tanks they should not break. That said, since these issues arose some months ago, Kanger has (one hopes) had some time to fix the problem and satisfy unhappy customers.

KangerTech Mini ProtankKanger Review Positives

The best thing about Kanger is probably availability of their products. Most electronic merchants seem to carry their tanks and replaceable atomizer heads, especially for Protank and Evod.

The latest models are known for the accurate descriptions of resistance which often vary from advertising to real life. Kanger products are affordable too.

Using glass for the Protank apparently prevents contamination of juice flavor noticeable for some consumers whose tanks are made of plastic.

Customers also feel that their Protanks are, otherwise, sturdy in the hand. They have a bit of weight to them while not being heavy. This gives the impression of lasting quality. Kanger has dealt with some earlier leakage issues in their latest model.

Kanger regularly upgrades products to change their looks and improve performance. Their TS3, an older clearomizer, is not beautiful, resembling a glass syringe. With that criticism out of the way, it is an inexpensive and effective vaping tool. Consumers will probably find it in discount and clearance sections because customers are buying better-looking clearomizers from Kanger.