The E-Cig Ban in Wales?

By Kirk Freeman

Wales may soon ban ecigs which is the first time that has happened in the United Kingdom. This move is being largely criticized for being groundless but the law may still pass and forbid the use of ecigs in public places and office places. Many experts are of the opinion that this will push struggling vapers over the edge and may result in conversion to tobacco cigarettes. Even though ecigs are not as healthy as they were made to appear, they are still worlds better than traditional cigarettes and soon this advantage will be lost because of the upcoming ban. Officials that are pushing the ban to pass are doing so on the premises that ecigs have re-normalized a dangerous activity and given people the illusion that they can get away with tobacco and nicotine consumption.

The various vapor cigarette brands across the globe will not be happy if Wales bans e-cigs.

Officials in Wales do not recognize the so-called benefits that come with ecigs as they view smoking on any level to be a harmful and socially unacceptable activity that must be stopped and not encouraged through the provision of alternatives. Not to mention that newer research has shown the vast harmful effects of nicotine liquid which is a common ingredient in e-liquid cartridges that are used in ecigs. They also believe that the law is being undermined by the use of ecigs. Most public places and eating places ban tobacco usage and ecigs have been undermining that law even though they pose the risk of thirdhand smoke.

Some people argue that e-cig cartridge flavors are a gateway to kids.  I argue against that saying that vodka does the same thing!

There is also an air of conservatism which may not allow the trend of smoking ecigs to last. The authorities at work in England have spent far too much time and energy to make sure that people understand that smoking is a shameful activity and in no way does it make anyone more desirable. It is also believed that people that try vaping may be tempted into smoking tobacco cigarettes later on as it slowly begins to seem more and more acceptable to them. The cure is then to nip the evil in the bud before it spreads onto the more vulnerable members of society such as the teenagers who are easily influenced by bogus claims.

The electronic cigarette sales are projected to be around 2 billion globally this year. Personal vaporizers like the Vapor Brothers Hands Free Vaporizer are leading the growth curve.

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