How to Monitor the Battery Life of an Electronic Cigarette

By Kirk Freeman

An electronic cigarette is a perfect device for those smokers who are trying to quit smoking. Launched in 2003, these devices have not only become a global health trend but have also become a fashion trend. Nowadays, you can see people using these devices in restaurants, clubs, bars and other public places. A lot of people also customize their device in order to make it look trendy and distinct.  Especially the vaporizing devices, like the Iolite vaporizer.

Unlike regular cigarettes, which are only linked to deadly diseases, the best electronic cigarettes offer multiple advantages to users. These electronic devices supply nicotine to users in a more risk free way. Meanwhile, an electronic cigarette is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery is the back bone of an electronic cigarette as without it the device will not function. The point to note here is that the battery can malfunction. A lot of things can cause the battery to malfunction. Following are some steps that will help you solve this problem.

1. Check if it is really the battery that is not working properly or is it some other component. Remove the battery from the filter and then reconnect it. The connection points between these two components can be loose. Loose connection points case the device to malfunction. Also, if you have an extra battery then use it to ensure that the filter is working properly.

2. Detach the lithium ore battery from the filter. Excess moisture might cause a short circuit in the control chip of the battery. Carefully observer if there is any moisture around the battery or the filter. If there is moisture on the battery then remove the battery and seal it in a plastic bag. Let the battery dry for 2 days.

3. Charge the battery after it is dry.

Of course, you can easily monitor your battery life if you use the V2 Cigs Ex Battery, which has an indicator on the actual device.