By Kirk Freeman

The audience Iolite appears to be attracting is young, trendy, and hip. They are smart enough to know smoking is not a choice. They also do not care if anyone notices or wonders what they are puffing on. This is a confident client who just wants a device that is worth the money and is totally portable.

An Iolite Vaporizer Review

The Iolite Original and the WISPR 2 both fit this mold. They are cordless devices and take no time to charge because Iolite Vaporizers are powered by butane.

How is this better than batteries or cords?

In the eyes of Iolite fans, the advantage is being able to vape for 2 hours without recharging a battery. You do not need a power source of any kind: not a USB charger, a power outlet, or even a car charger. Take a long walk with a good friend knowing this device will remain powered as long as you have oil. Two hours could stretch to longer if you do not vape consistently.

Reach 410F (210C) in just 30 seconds: that is another advantage of your butane-powered vaporizer. Many devices require a few minutes. A temperature of 410F is the maximum you want to achieve to release the properties of an aromatic herb or tobacco leaf without setting it on fire as you would with a cigarette.

What Does an Iolite Vaporizer Look Like?

Both the Original and the WISPR 2 are laid-back in the looks department, as though their designers were not worried about trying to create something high-tech looking, unusual or a novelty piece. Their focus is on ventilation, power, vapor production, safety and so on.

If you had to compare the appearance of an Iolite to anything, it could be a walkie-talkie, especially a black one. The rest are red, white, blue, green, red, brown, orange, and yellow. Though you could not have one to match each outfit at a price of $170 for the WSPR or $120 for the Original, they are affordable when compared with some of the digital models, though not all.

Pros and Cons

You might not like using oil because of waste. At least, a battery can be recharged. And two hours on a tank is good but not great. Also, being non-digital, the temperature is out of your hands.

On the plus side, Iolite uses a silicone mouthpiece which folds back and bends. It is soft and easy on your mouth unlike glass. While glass is considered a great conductor of heat and better for flavor purity, it is hard on your mouth and breakable.

Being established in 2008, the Original Iolite Vaporizer has had time to impress users. They like it and continue to trust what, in this business, is a relatively experienced name.