How to Buy a Personal Vaporizer

By Kirk Freeman

The electronic cigarette industry is filled will thousands of products, for an advance electronic cigarette user there is a lot of clutter, informed users find what they want, they try out new products and combinations of atomizers, e-liquids and dipping and dripping methods, their buying behavior is based on empirical evidence. Below is a guide on what key features to look for when buying a personal vaporizer.

What to look for?

Advanced electronic cigarettes, like the advanced personal vaporizer, have built in fans which increase vapor production; look for the ones which made from aluminum, which is a sign of a tough and reliable electronic cigarette, some products have a spring based center for the atomizer and has a drip well which can easily be connected to other different attachments.

Is safety important?

Safety features are not looked upon as often as they should be, with some products the atomizer can get really hot and can burn your lips so you need to choose a product which has a voltage regulators starting from .0.60 Ohms, voltage regulators are a great innovation and can give the user the desired result.

Is price a good indicator of an electronic cigarette?

Price is not necessarily a good indicator because the objective is to have the desired vaping experience, there are many products like the top vape pens which may go as high as 500bucks but they might not satisfy the user as he or she expected, look for a product which has the features and benefits that you want, some go for high vapor and high nicotine and do not have preferences with the kind of vaporizer, some people like the opposite, so your vaping experience and satisfaction is based on your own observation and experience.

So buy an e cigarette product which best suits your needs and always do research before buying a product.