By Kirk Freeman

An addiction to cigarettes is wrapped up in several aspects of the habit: holding the item between the forefinger and middle finger, bringing it back and forth to your mouth, reliance on nicotine, and even the routine of lighting up at certain times. When you give up smoking, you need to fill that space between your fingers and your lips.

Many individuals choose to replace cigarettes with food, but that doesn’t help you wean off of nicotine. A lot of consumers use vape pens, which simulate the smoking experience with or without that drug.

Here I will list my top picks, and then explain some more about these devices.

The Top 3 Herbal Vape Pens

The US is enjoying a boom in vape pens. They used to have a few choices, but it is clear these days that an e cig battery is often sufficient (if the voltage is high enough) to provide the power so long as an appropriate cartridge is connected to the battery.

There is also the possibility of buying a pen devoted to use with and accompanied by an herb vaping cartridge. Many companies are selling assorted models and some e cig companies are adding vaporizing devices to the e cigs in their catalogue.

Choose an Herbal Device

If in doubt, ask customer service agents at a vape shop to help you pick a device. You shouldn’t be paying more than $100 for an herbal vape pen.

V2 Pro Series 3Pro Series 3

One comes from an e cig manufacturer that crossed over: V2 Cigs. Their new 3-in-1 pen called the Pro Series 3 works with essential oils and e liquids too, but as an herbal pen it’s receiving excellent press.

Reviews have been pouring in from enthusiastic customers in awe of the way its magnetic connectors sync so well together.

The Pro Series battery knows what setting it needs to reach for optimal herbal vaporization without overheating. You can expect to pay less than $90 to get started, the only down side being that your kit automatically comes with an e liquid cartridge. It’s a down side, however, only if you don’t want to vape e liquid as well.

Grenco Science

Grenco Science partnered with Snoop Dogg to create an herbal pen inspired by Long Beach California streets. It’s a lovely piece of vaporizing machinery that performs reliably for an affordable price of about $85. Grenco Science also makes a plain black version if you have no affinity with Snoop Dogg or Long Beach.


Select an Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 as your vaping battery and add a compatible atomizer of which there are lots. Innokin products are widespread, available at vaporizer and e cig shops online and in malls or free-standing stores. It’s a powerful battery with a uniquely geometric shape. As the name suggests, you can adjust voltage so as to change the temperature of your vape. The screen shows you what voltage you are using.

Vaping Pens

These are three top vaping pens but not the only types available. The challenge for consumers is locating pens for use with the material they prefer. All three of these devices can be adapted to the use of other materials, but with different atomizers. Grenco Science sells different packages and individual accessories. The iTaste works with various atomizers. V2’s Pro Series 3, 7, and 9 (advanced models) operate with compatible essential oil and e liquid cartomizers. A number of models, however, were made for waxes or just essential oils.

The Top 3 E Liquid Vape Pens

The pen shape has been associated with e cigarettes for several years, particularly the kinds that use clearomizers and must be refilled with e liquid. The alternative is to own an e cig compatible with pre-filled cartomizers, but these become expensive since the average price is $2.30 per ml based on 1-ml cartomizers sold in packs of five for $11.50. They can cost even more than that, but e liquid from a bottle is cheaper.

Empty clearomizers are also inexpensive, so when they are added to a pen-style battery (a small eGo), a single unit with e liquid can cost just $30. Starter kits begin at $20 with some brands featuring multiple batteries, higher power batteries, and/or chargers for around $45 go $50. The best e liquid vape pen will come from one of the familiar names in e cigarettes.

VaporFi Pro

It’s not as fancy as the Pulse with its LCD screen and circular charger, but the Pro is efficient, affordable, and good looking. You can buy it in 8 colors including Platinum, orange, and red. VaporFi has made the device to work with a matching Pro clearomizer featuring a viewing window. When connected, the battery and clearomizer form the slim shape of a pen.

VaporFi Pro batteries are available in 1100 mAh and 650 mAh sizes. A starter kit costs less than $50 with a charger: you just add e liquid. VaporFi makes e liquid in the United States from USP ingredients. The battery is compatible with other clearomizers and tanks, but a Pro-L forms the pen shape.

Halo Triton

Halo Cigs has been reliably providing e cigs to customers for years that start with the G6 mini cig and work up to the Triton when they can handle extra weight and length. Triton pens are coated in 11 different colors and feel lovely to touch. These batteries function beautifully with few complaints about inconsistent power, and their tanks are lovely too: colored yet translucent. Halo e liquid is a bonus: the Purity line is comprised of great tasting flavors and is made in the United States.

The entire unit does what you pay for it to do and you don’t pay as much as you expect. Less than $70 buys 2 batteries and 2 clearomizers plus a charging kit. Enjoy consistent performance.

V2 Cigs Pro Series 3

For a long time it seemed like V2 wasn’t going to add an intermediate e cig to their lineup. They designed the EX series, but these are still just 280-mAh batteries, nothing like the power of eGos. Then they came along with their own vaporizer pen which does three jobs in one: vapes herbs, liquids, and essential oils.

Speaking specifically of the e liquid cartridge, this joins magnetically to the battery by sliding into a slot and being tugged into place snugly. The battery knows automatically that you are vaping e liquids because of smart technological communication between both parts, so you vape at a sensible temperature for e liquids.

V2 Cigs, like Halo and VaporFi, is renowned for making top quality products and for excellent customer service.

The Top 3 3-in-1 Vape Pens

A 3-in-1 vaping pen offers value for money. Vapers can choose multiple materials to vape on: herbs, waxes, concentrates, and e liquids. To enjoy all three, consumers are typically expected to own multiple pens. But there is another method of enjoying it all while paying less. Consumers can purchase one battery which operates with at least three types of atomizers or three types of materials. That is, they can select a 3-in-1 vape pen.

Shopping for 3-in-1 Vape Pens

First of all, glance through an online vapor store catalogue. Lists are broken into headings, possibly one just for pens. If not, look up portable vaporizers for ideas. Your second method is to read reviews, investigating pens that are talked about in those articles.

One Such Pen: the Zema

A 3-in-1 vape pen reviewers have said good things about is Zema. This is a lovely device resembling a bolt-shaped e cig mod. It uses a ceramic heating chamber, warms up quickly, and provides pure tasting herbs. It’s compatible with e liquid and concentrates as well. The Zema recharges quickly and lasts several hours on a charge. For $90, you get three types of vapor without having to carry around 3 pens. Customers who bought this pen routinely recommend it to their friends.

Budy is Your Buddy

The Budy 3-in-1 Combo Pen comes from the reliable and familiar Vaporite team. It’s an affordable purchase at $70, discrete in its black outer casing (or blue, green, or metal).

Vaporite is adamant that their 3-in-1 pen does not burn herbs like some pens do. They are probably referring to the Atmos Raw which is notorious for behaving like a rechargeable electronic pipe.

Skycloud Kandypen

The Kandypen sounds like a piece of confection, hardly worthy of serious attention and all looks without substance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Firstly, your vaporizer doesn’t have to be boring to work. A lot of vapers puff away proudly. Furthermore, the way cartridges are designed to hide what’s going on inside you could be vaping herbs, liquids, or wax.

The Kandypen features locking and safety mechanisms like a 5-click on-off mechanism and atomizer locking. This way you cannot accidentally activate the pen, which is so easy to do when one is fidgeting with the device in her pocket. Next thing you know there is a hole in your pocket or, at the very least, a wasted battery in your vaporizer. You can expect to pay $100 to $120 for a Kandypen.

Costs of 3-in-1 Pens

Buying the package is your big initial expense, but then you have to replace atomizers, wicks, e liquid, herbs, and waxes. You would have been doing this anyway unless your 3-in-1 pen is an invitation to try products you never used before.

In this case you aren’t saving money really. Bear in mind that e liquid cartridges are cheaper than those for essential oils, wax, and herbs. Finally, always buy products at realistic prices even if you see them for cheaper costs. Those cheapies are probably duds that will break when you look at them too hard.


So What Exactly are Vaporizer Pens?

When talking about vape pens one might be referring to:

• Cigalike electronic cigarette
• A tank-style e-cig
• A tank-style electronic vaporizer for herbs or oils

Each of these shares a basic size and shape with some variations.

Electronic cigarettes use e-liquid, but vaporizers heat up essential oils, waxy materials, or aromatic herbs. Instead of burning these materials, the heating chamber or atomizer in a pen produces a temperature high enough to release water vapor, not smoke. No matter which of the three formats you choose, vaporizing is far safer for you than smoking, and pure herbs or e-liquid don’t pose environmental risks as long as they contain only pure ingredients.

Most vaporizers of any size and all electronic cigarettes use electricity. Portable devices draw power from a battery for this purpose and big vaporizers utilize an electrical outlet. A few handheld items run on butane, like a lighter would.

What Do Vape Pens Look Like?

A vaporizer pen is made up of several parts, most of which you cannot see. The main components are the battery, tank, and mouthpiece. Inside the device are coils, wick, an atomizer, and sometimes other pieces that hold the two parts together and connect a heat source to the materials inside.

As descriptions go, that’s pretty boring, and a lot of devices are this practical. They feature black parts and clear plastic or glass tanks. The exterior is usually made from metal for sturdiness and as an insulator to help maintain heat once you reach the correct temperature.

Now that the market for vape pens is growing, there is fierce competition for the consumer’s eye and her money. Consequently, you notice more styles like Snoop Dogg’s road map on the outside of a G Pen, etched skulls and swirls in black against silver 900mAh eGo batteries, many colors, and LED lights with crystal tips. Tanks are tinted a variety of shades or are enclosed in metal with only a viewing window showing how much juice is left.

Although a basic vaping pen is roughly the dimensions of a thick pen for writing on windows, size varies from the analog-style (skinny) e-cig to wider, heavier items powered by 1100mAh or even 2000mAh+ batteries with big 6ml tanks to match.

eGo Pens

This is an evolving corner of the electronic cigarette/vaporizer market – the eGo vaporizer pens. We’ll go into this a bit more, and then list the best ones.

First these started as a slightly larger type of vape/e-cig battery which lasted substantially longer than a standard mini cig or cig-a-like battery, and would last at least a day, as opposed to 2-4 hours like a mini battery.

These worked with cartomizers, and also tank systems. Then came variable voltage options, digital displays, and a plethora of different tanks.

Along with that came alternative selections to vape, such as waxes and herbs.

For vaping e liquids, there’s a newly launched line of eGo-style vaporizers by the brand South Beach Smoke.

If you’ve been looking for a nice new eGo, and maybe some cool options, these guys have a dream come true, if you will.

They have just introduced the South Beach Smoke Custom Vaporizer Builder

You can select which type of battery and tank you want, indifferent colors, and with different features, such as variable voltage, or an adjustable airflow tank, just an awesome concept!

Filling a Vape Pen

What is going into your pen? If you are using an herbal vaporizer, the contents are essential oils or fine, dry plant material. Popular herbs include red clover, sage, thyme, lavender, and certain fruit leaves. They give off aromas which help to ease someone’s anxiety, raise her energy levels, help her sleep, and make it easier to concentrate.

Essential oils do the same thing, creating attractive odors that would be masked by the burning smell of a combustion method. If the material is burning, its healing properties are lost.

E-liquid is a flavor suspended in propylene glycol and/or glycerin, sometimes with alcohol added (though savvy customers avoid that), and with or without nicotine. Flavors are not typically chosen to soothe or awaken the mind, but there are a few makers adding vitamins and specially chosen herbs to their mixtures so they produce similar effects. Most of the time, favorite flavors include:

• Tobacco
• Menthol
• Coffee
• Chocolate
• Several fruits
• Cinnamon
• Rich desserts

The list could feature hundreds, even thousands of other single flavors and blends. While finding herbs and oils from reliable sources poses a challenge to the uninitiated, locating quality, American-made e-liquid isn’t hard at all. The difficulty is narrowing down your list of brands and suppliers.

Environmental Stuff

If you never smoked and know better than to imagine a person could simply quit cold turkey for his health (though many people do), then propose e-cigs and promote their green side. Electronic vaping pens are rechargeable (except disposables, which are recyclable). Most of the parts on a vaping pen can be re-used numerous times before they break or run out of steam (batteries, for instance).

Glass, plastic, and metal are all recyclable materials. Rechargeable batteries typically last for 100 or more cycles. There is nothing recyclable or re-usable about a smelly, toxic cigarette. Smoking usually costs more than vaping too.

Users attract judgment from ignorant eyes trained to see anything producing a cloud of vapor or smoke as either a cigarette or marijuana, but your idea of green has nothing to do with that weed.

Fair Prices

How can you find a decent price for a vape pen? Read lots of general suppliers’ websites to learn how an eGo style battery and tank are priced. The biggest expense is your battery, and a powerful one shouldn’t cost more than $12 unless it has features like variable voltage and a display screen.

Tanks could set you back about $5 to $10 unless you buy brand-specific items and proprietary accessories. There aren’t too many vape pens for herbs yet which makes it tough to locate competitive sites. E-cig users have a much easier time and frequently choose generic products. They pay less while still enjoying multiple puffs per charge.

If you find a starter kit for your vaping pen, take it. A starter kit contains most of the stuff you will need immediately or in the near future, including the battery, mouthpiece, a USB charger, tank, and heating element or atomizer. Buying them separately could cost you at least 20% more than picking them up as part of a package. Just be sure not to try and mix the three methods up: pens are usually built to handle one of those materials, not two or three.