Technical E Cig Jargon

By Kirk Freeman

Most consumers of electronic cigarettes find it worth their while to know what certain terms mean because it helps them to operate the ecig better. Some of the terms have a very literal meaning and some can get quite technical but it simply adds to the knowledge of consumers to know what they mean and what they are used for.

Today, I made a post about some popular terms are listed below with appropriate explanations.  This will help you when you navigate through the various product reviews listed here.

Firstly there is the ‘510’ size. This is a size for components that is rather standard and applies to many or most models in the ecig industry. This standard size was initially brought out by an ecig company called JoyeE and later it was adopted by most ecig brands that started manufacturing components according to these specifications.

Secondly, ADV is a commonly used abbreviation for ‘all day vape’. This basically means that the e-liquid is very smooth and the vaper can easily smoke it all day without incurring any problems. Thirdly, there is ‘dry hit’ which means that no vapor came out of the device and that there was some problem with the functioning of the ecig. ‘Drip Tips’ are a minor component used in ecigs for dripping e-juice right into the atomizer without the tip ever having to be removed.  Of course, one big item to know about is the vaping tanks, where the actual liquid is housed.

Mod means any alteration made in the design of the electronic cigarette which might compromise or enhance its functions. Nic is a term used in ecig-related documentation and it is the short version of nicotine. Nicotine is the addictive chemical that is very important in the operation of an ecig. Coil stands for the heating part of an atomizer which is what makes the atomizer itself run properly and function properly. ‘Dry Burn’ is a process by which atomizers are cleaned effectively and it is a popular method for doing so.

The ‘Wick’ is that part of an ecig that exists solely to absorb the e-liquid when it is dripped into the device. Lastly, ‘throat hit’ is when you feel a pleasurable pressure at the bottom of your throat when you have just inhaled a mouthful of vapor from your ecig.