By Kirk Freeman

Kamry is among the better-known electronic cigarette manufacturers from China, thanks to their K100 and K101. These are inexpensive but beautiful mods; items a beginner could proudly use, but also preferred by many experienced vapers for whom engravings, serial numbers, and brass features are not all that important.

Here is a Kamry review demonstrating that they are not a one-shot wonder but an innovator in the business; a company with plans to stay and become bigger.

kamry.ccHit or Miss Popularity

Some of the ideas at Kamry are big hits, like the K100/101. It’s simple and mainstream enough to sell well.

Other ideas have failed to generate much market appeal so far, such as the Legend Series 4000mAh Big Bag style mod. It looks like a soda pop can without a label and you vape from the top as though drinking cola or lemon-lime pop. The idea makes me think of herbal vaporizers designed as puffers.

Many designers want to build the ideal medium from which someone can vape discretely, recreating everyday items into the forms of vaping equipment. This one has potential and huge power, but is not taking the world by storm.

Kamry makes several e cig series. Kamry produces series called Legend, K.ecig, X Atomizers, eGo, and Robot. This last one points to a new release on the horizon at the Shenzhen factory.

Kamry’s website suggests that a show is coming and the Robot mod will be featured. A banner featuring a Transformer depicts a mod with some of the same characteristics as a K101, such as the colored finish, but with a tubular shape. Compare it to a technical device found in a science fiction movie: a capacitor or detonator.

One might expect to pay a lot for this device but the Robot V in blue, green, red, or purple will be another affordable electronic cigarette like its cousin. It offers 3.7-volt output, works with a 2000mAh battery, and is compatible with a kick chip for more power.

Kamry Ego E Cigs

Their Ego series contains lots of choices. This is where the K100 Empire lives; a telescopic device made of copper and aluminum alloy. Golden yellow, blue, and champagne are currently available colors. When you shop for this item online, sometimes the choice is limited owing to the popularity of a particular shade.


Devices from the K.ecigs series include the K201 variable voltage APV. A very thin LED screen shows the power capacity of your battery, which also tests resistance automatically. It comes in gold yellow, green, and silver.

X Atomizers

One of the X Atomizers is an herbal bulb for vaporizers with a ceramic heating chamber. This shows that Kamry, like other manufacturers in China, takes advantage of parallels between herbal and e-liquid vaporizers.

The X9 is a rebuildable atomizer made from ABS material with a bottom coil. The heads are replaceable. Customers enjoy affordability at the till and ongoing affordability by being able to replace heads instead of disposing of the item when its atomizer gives up after months of service.

An X7 mod features variable voltage: 3.2, 3.6, or 4.2 volts. It works with a 900mAh battery and looks like something the Green Hornet would carry. This is a curvy green wand.

Buying Kamry Products

A lot of e cig stores choose to balance their love of exquisite, high-priced mods with the needs of consumers and their own realization that extra money does not always provide extra performance. On the one hand, they will sell a $200 Philippine mod and on the other they will offer a Kamry. Customers sometimes buy one of each out of curiosity or to have an at-home e cig and one for traveling with.

Kamry sits between APVs and Mechanical Mods. Where some consumers have reached the peak of their experience, others are edging closer to the mechanical e-cigs. Thus, Kamry fits naturally with the beginner to intermediate stock range and a mid-range to advanced selection.

A Kamry 101 costs anything from about $30 with a chrome 510 tip, drip tip shield, two batteries, a protection chip, charger, and a case. It is far more likely you will pay about $50 for the item itself and maybe one or two extra pieces. Always look for the warranty: cheap pieces sold online without a warranty might be worthless and you would have no recourse to obtain a refund for faulty parts.

Kamry’s History

In 2007 Kamry began building electronic cigarettes as Fly Smoker Technology. They soon opened themselves up to wholesale customers from around the world. Their marketing and sales team is large: distributors will be assigned an individual to work with.

Where electronic cigarette manufacturing is concerned, having been around since 2007 is interesting. That was about the time when these devices began to be marketed to the public and Chinese companies laid down the foundations for manufacturing standards.

At this point, research and development teams could do anything and go anywhere: they had a blank slate. Kamry has done well to stake their claim and hold onto it, even growing somewhat in the public’s estimation, especially thanks to their lovely telescopic mod.