Da Buddha

By Kirk Freeman

If you want a device made by 7th Floor but the Silver Surfer is too expensive for you, a Da Buddha would provide many of the same benefits for a lower price. Like the Silver Surfer, there are ways to create a more expensive package, but one can also enjoy all the benefits without the expense.

Da Buddha VaporizerDa Buddha Vaporizer Review

The Da Buddha is a tabletop device one must plug into a wall socket to use, so this is no handheld lightweight. Some sites refer to it as an electric candle owing to its cylindrical shape. A Da Buddha points upwards on its stand instead of tilting backwards at a slight angle as the Silver Surfer does.

Da Buddha being upright is satisfying to those who love right angles and the linearity they create, which is visually appealing and tidy, but not to one who notices herbs dropping into the heating element from the chamber. This does not happen to everyone all the time, but when it does the smell of burning herbs unpleasantly affects the aroma of vapor. The point of vaporizing is to avoid combustion. Instances like these prompted 7th Floor to tilt the cylinder of their Silver Surfer.

One can purchase a Da Buddha in silver for the original price or buy one in black for additional money. The minimum price is $190. While Silver Surfer consumers choose rich shades of red or yellow and have their machines tattooed, Da Buddha customers have fewer choices to make.

Materials for Da Buddha

7th Floor uses ceramic for the heater, glass for knobs and wands, and durable aluminum for the outside. Aluminum makes for a light build. Wands are less durable and consumers have found them brittle at times. If you are careful, they provide excellent flavor simply owing to the natural neutrality of glass. Each control knob is hand-blown to create a unique result every time. While comparing knobs shows similarities, no two are exactly alike.

Accessories and Customization

Direct purchases from 7th Floor online provide customers with customization choices not included on other retail websites. The basic price is $190, but you can select other features like a vaper tamer that brings down vaper temperature completely before it gets to your lips. The tamer is a bulb encasing a coiled vapor pathway, taking vapor on a journey where it looses a lot of its heat.

Draw vapor using a glass whip which can also be replaced when broken by visiting 7th Floor or a retailer carrying all types of models. Look for a heading featuring 7th Floor accessories. The Da Buddha can be used with ground glass or a movable whip. Ground glass allows a vaporizer to be enjoyed hands-free.

One can purchase a special bag for the Da Buddha so as to transport it safely, but each vaporizer is packaged with one already. Think of a day when this wears out.

For the Purchase Price

Buy a Da Buddha from a verified online re-seller only so you receive a full warranty. You will probably receive a free grinder plus the bag, stir tool, whip, new screens, and an instruction manual. 7th Floor includes most but not all of these items in the package: probably the grinder would be absent. Do not forget to purchase herbs separately.

Who Should Buy the Da Buddha from 7th Floor?

If you need assistance inhaling vapor from a vaporizer because of lung problems, direct-draw devices create too much work. A Volcano balloon takes all the effort out of vaporizing, but it costs a lot more (over $500 as a kit). Da Buddha customers can draw vapor directly into their lungs without assistance. They experience the benefit of a quiet machine. Fans are not required, so it operates silently.

If you like having control over temperature, there is a control knob on the front for setting values to under 300F or around 400F. Having control is excellent because some herbs respond well at lower temperatures and some consumers prefer the flavor and hit at higher or lower values.

Da Buddha controls are not digital and there is no second, more expensive digital model as one sees with the Volcano. Digital controls are more precise than analog ones, but the cost is frequently prohibitive both to buy and to fix such an item.

You’ve got to plug the Da Buddha into your wall outlet, so it is definitely not for traveling with. That said mains power is constant and consistent unless your area is prone to surges.

What Customers Say

Consumers are generally pleased with their purchase of the Da Buddha herbal vaporizer. It is not the best vaporizer in the country: as noted above, the Volcano and Silver Surfer are both better machines owing to features we have already talked about. The Da Buddha suffers from herbs falling into the element and being burned, plus the lack of digitally precise controls. But, for the money (less than $200), few tabletop devices are as efficient, quiet, and tasty. Also, 7th Floor is a Colorado company. American customers love to see their money staying in the country.

A sturdy design makes this a life-long companion; the type of unit that will last through years of careful use.