Volcano Vaporizer

By Kirk Freeman

Consumers who are trying vaporizers for the first time are often drawn to products that have been around for many years. The companies behind these devices have established their reputations and are backed by customer testimonials. The Volcano Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is one such product. Individuals who are not sure about what a vaporizer is will recognize the Volcano even when other devices are unfamiliar.

Volcano Vaporizer Review

There are two types of Volcano: the Digit and Classic. Temperature for the Classic is set using a dial. Set the temperature digitally on the Digit as its name suggests.

Both of them are otherwise identical, shaped like a steel volcano. Though technology continues to change and improve how vaporizers work, Volcano maintains its place among reviewer favorites even when new machines are developed. Professional reviewers are among those who recommend it.

Some Details about the Volcano Vaporizer

This is a hot air generator in either format. You can set the manual Volcano to within +/- 5C variable and the digital one to +/- 1.5C. Kits vary in price depending on how many parts you want to include.

A simple package costs about $420 or $550 (Classic or Digit) with just the unit, air filter, and a grinder. Add five balloons, a screen set, liquid pad, an herb mill, and a cleaning brush. This brings the price up to as much as $700 for the Digit. An Easy Valve kit reduces the amount of maintenance and cleaning required of you.

What Customers Say

One reason this product is a favorite is that it lasts. After two years or more, consumers are still vaporizing aromatic herbs using the same device. Of course, they have to replace balloons, balloon clips, screens, and other items. These are the cheap parts of maintaining a device as you can see by the prices above.

They also comment on massive vapor production. As long as you are at home or wherever you keep your Volcano, it is easy to use. This is definitely not a portable option and clearly not your cheapest choice either, but you are not tied to battery power or left waiting for batteries to recharge. It plugs in to mains power. Plug in and vape until you are finished.

Portable vaporizers cannot match the vapor production and lasting quality of the Volcano. There are many good products, but most people use portable items in place of a Volcano only when they travel. At home, they always choose their desktop item first.

Buying a Volcano Vaporizer

Another reason to choose a Volcano Vaporizer over some other brands and models is that finding one to buy is relatively easy. Some vaporizers are sold only by a few licensed vendors or they are priced out of most people’s range so they become boutique items.

Because there are multiple vendors for the Volcano, you should find one in stock online without trouble and prices will vary too. There is some pricing competition and special deals that help stop this product from reaching ludicrous prices.

Using the Volcano

Preheat the device to the temperature that will heat your herbs without burning them or creating smoke. This could be lower if your herbs are damp. Grind them before use so that heating them really releases their essential properties and make sure they are not too tightly packed. If you cram them into the Volcano, air cannot circulate and heat the herbs.

Clean this device regularly, getting out any old bits of herbs each time. Regularly provide a new screen or filter. One piece of advice often given to new vaporizer customers is to maintain their expensive machines well. If there is any problem with heating or smoke, it could be easily traced to lack of cleanliness on your part.