Silver Surfer

By Kirk Freeman

The name “Silver Surfer” could put you in mind of a Stan Lee bad guy, but the Silver Surfer Vaporizer by 7th Floor is a different kind of bad guy. It looks bad in the good sense, like it has power, and if you order some grim custom engraving, that will enhance your personal bad boy or bad girl image.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

A ceramic heating element ensures even heating and heat maintenance. Vary the position of your wand to alter air flow without stirring all the time. For hands-free use, however, you will have to stir more frequently. Use the wand to attach materials to the heating cover. They should be finely ground.

Plug your set into mains power. Set the knob on your device to heat the chamber. 7th Floor recommends setting it to 2 o’clock.

Users are saying they get powerful hits out of their vaporizer and up to 15 per bowl. There has been one comment about herbs traveling up the wand, but this is rare. Another consumer mentioned this item is easy to carry around.

The Silver Surfer is not a portable vaporizer but a high-powered desktop item. It is designed for use in stationary mode, so if the pictures do not suggest strongly enough the size of a Silver Surfer, it’s no handheld model. It is great to know, though, that if you have to take it with you on a holiday, the Silver Surfer is not a monster.

One reason I like the Silver Surfer is that it is made in Colorado. Order a local — or at least national — product when you can.

Pricing the Silver Surfer

What do you get with a Silver Surfer Vaporizer?

The original package for $270 is a silver-colored cylinder resting at a reverse 90-degree angle on a base board. The base board is roughly skull-shaped. Accessories in your package will be a glass marble stir tool, three screens, a wand, tubing, and a glass mouthpiece. Certain retailers throw in a padded case for your device as well. If you stop here, the Silver Surfer is usable out of the box for less than $300.

At the Silver Surfer site, I added all of the extras I could find to see what I could have paid, and it was more than $550. That was with custom engraving on several sites, plus I could add my own design and upload it onto the site. You choose from a list of designs created by in-house designers, and it takes up to three weeks to get your vaporizer.

Adding color caused the order to go up by $20 or $40. A Rainbow Zen finish, for example, costs $40, but I could have asked for an orange, red, green, or black Silver Surfer. A few other color options were also on offer, and adding a base plate color costs $10 more.

I could buy a tamer package and a case for my tamer package. This comes with a tamer mouthpiece, house adaptor, and two metal clips. A tamer sends the vapor twisting around: you can watch it through the glass.

A three-year warranty comes as standard and 7th Floor will send out a free t-shirt with your order.