Blu Cigs

By Kirk Freeman

E-cigs started as products for switching from analog smokes to electronic vaping. Manufacturers did a good job of making them look — and often feel — like real cigs. When changes were required, such as making the mouthpiece soft, they were made. Otherwise, colors like cigarette paper, yellow, orange, and white allowed electronic products to blend in with the crowd of cigarettes in a world which sees smoking as a threat and a legal offense.

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Then people like Blu Cigs came onto the market and changed the game. Today, e-smokers are less concerned about blending in. They are proud to hold their electronic vaping sticks aloft and promote this healthier habit. Blu Cigs are made with an emphasis on style, but also with attention to detail and construction. The brand routinely winds up high on the charts for style, value, and quality.

A Rainbow

Why are they called “Blu” cigs? That could be the result of their blue LED “flame,” installed at the end of a cigarette to act like a real cigarette flame. This lights up to tell you to recharge your battery too. Even the attractive USB charger is outlined in blue.

The variety of flavors will also taste like a rainbow in your mouth. What a lot of customers like is that flavors come from the United States. If this makes them a little more expensive, then go back to made-in-China cartridges and e-cigarettes. Peach Schnapps and Pina Colada are two options apart from menthol and tobacco e-juices. Many clients prefer the sweet flavors and the range attracts many clubbers. Blu e-juice does not contain propylene glycol.

Starting Out

Blu Cigs sells several starter kits. The Premium contains 2 batteries, a wall charger, USB charger, and 5 cartridges. Get it in black or white and use social features to find other Blu smokers in the vicinity of your table at a restaurant or bar.

This pack costs $79.95 and the Basic starter is just $10 less. At least the lower-priced kit contains a portable charger, but these are not low-cost starters for new e-smokers. Many other brands carry more affordable beginners’ sets.

This is the Blu Starter Kit we received mid 2013, and so you can see in the image above they’ve revised their product’s aesthetics:

Blu Starter Kit

Here’s the new version

Blu Cigs

A Few Slight Negatives

If you want a strong cigarette with a nice throat and bold, robust flavor, you came to the wrong place. The highest amount of nicotine provided is 16mg, and the flavors are quite subtle.

Also, reports about the battery are not always glowing. Some say it does not hold its charge very long.

This is offset by anyone who enjoys a light taste, and prefers e tiny sized e-cig.