By Kirk Freeman

Overall, you get the impression that Innokin is a heavy hitter in the vaping industry. This name turns up on many wholesale sites where others are absent. Their products are innovative and popular. Should vapers trust an Innokin product?

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Innokin Reviews

Firstly, reviews for multiple Innokin models vary, and there are lots of them to peruse. Even if a particular Innokin device blew you away, another might disappoint you. What I have never seen, however, is a really bad Innokin review.

The Innokin iTaste VV 3.0

VV stands for Variable Voltage, and “3.0” refers to the iTaste version being reviewed. If a model is successful, Innokin (and other e cig firms) will improve on the design without changing the entire device. It remains familiar but performs better.

In the case of an iTaste, this is a compact variable voltage model. Because of its size, the battery is not that big. You will find other, more powerful devices, but they tend to be more expensive, heavier, and bulkier.

Clients are usually impressed with the solidity of Innokin devices and the iTaste is no exception. If this sounds predictable, think again. Lots of personal vaping devices on the market feel flimsy and look unfinished under careful scrutiny.

Innokin iTaste VV 3.0

Innokin MVP

An MVP resembles a walkie-talkie in miniature, but is really a portable vaporizer. It is designed for powerful output with a 2600mAh battery, but is also a safety-conscious device. Features include over-discharge and short-circuit protection. There is also an on/off switch so it is not accidentally discharged in your pocket or bag.

Users like its compatibility with various atomizers and the power they experience. Because it is a heavier item with a larger battery than the VV 3.0, this iTaste holds a charge much longer for a full day of vaping per charge.

Variable Pricing Strategies

Although their models are well-made, Innokin keeps prices reasonable. An MVP kit runs to about $65, while the VV 3.0 costs about $60 for an Express kit. You can always pay less by visiting retailers carrying multiple brands because they buy wholesale amounts and sell them at a discount. Alternatively, purchase the base of your MVP and order other clearomizers at reduced prices.