Adam Bomb E Juice

By Kirk Freeman

Adam Bomb is featured on many e cig e juice menus. They come at the top of alphabetical listings but are also among top e juices because of their quality. Adam Bomb liquids cost $12 for 15 ml and come in 8 flavors at the moment.

Small e juice companies often make limited numbers of flavors in this way and slowly add one or two every year or six months, but only after considerable testing and trials. Each new flavor has to be exceptional because a bad e liquid can affect the reputation of all the others. If a new style is about to be released, the company will hint at its release on the Facebook site.

adambombjuice.comEight Flavors: Adam Bomb E Juice Review

Here are the eight products by Adam Bomb in alphabetical order. They are Adam’s Apple, Chillaxin, Creamy Strawberry, Mama’s Cookies, Nectar, Paradise, Strawberry Lemonade, and Sweet Melons. Break these up by category and it’s an uneven contest: loads of fruit e liquids, one dessert style, and a single mint type of juice.

Strawberry Lemonade is a fruit and a beverage, but you can see that Adam Bomb e liquids are mostly for fruit fans and those who like something sweet. They don’t make tobacco e juices, which shouldn’t surprise you. Many small e liquid companies do.

No Ordinary Apple

While the flavors are generally self-explanatory, Adam’s Apple is not just a real fruit and definitely not a candy apple juice. It tastes like baked apples and will remind you of apple pie. It takes some skill to make a vape juice accomplish something so complicated.


The two strawberry vapes are quite different: one is creamy and weighty; the other is light and refreshing. If you enjoy custard and fruit, Creamy Strawberry is a compromise of sorts.

Sweet Melons and Nectar

This is a highly rated mixed-melon e juice. There are loads of melon vapes out there, but many combine watermelon with bubblegum. Sweet Melons is all about the fruit.

To enjoy fruity bubblegum you want Nectar. This is short for “nectarine.”

Mama’s Cookies

If your mom baked the best sugar cookies in town (or at your house) then this vape won’t remind you of them. Mama’s cookies taste like cinnamon and more cinnamon: perhaps too much cinnamon according to some customers. This vape is still good though.

Paradise by the LED Light

The blend of fruits that will remind you most of a tropical, sandy beach is Paradise. It combines pineapple, orange, and guava into a relatively weak e liquid with great flavor and vapor production.


For an all-day-vape you don’t want cream, a sugary style, or custard. You want something light and refreshing that doesn’t become cloying. Chillaxin is the one and is among the most highly rated Adam Bomb vapes.

Where to Buy Adam Bomb

Just a few of the shops that carry Adam Bomb liquids are Vivid Smoke, Grand Vapes, and Local Vape. Most of them show the current picture of what to expect (one of them is out of date with the old “bomb explosion” cartoon logo). Currently, Adam Bomb uses blue bottles decorated with tattoo-style images of women, some of them also tattooed and heavily made-up. One day these will be collectible bottles simply because the labels, though creepy, are beautifully created.

Each bottle comes with a dropper lid and between 0 and 2.4% nicotine. A low 0.3% option gives vapers a chance to drop to zero really slowly, or even hang onto a minor buzz for a long period of time without abstaining from nicotine completely (although abstinence is the ultimate health goal since nicotine is as dangerous as tobacco smoke). Look for Adam Bomb wherever you find high-quality products including RDAs, and also expect the price to be fairly steady around that $12 mark.