Bomb Vapor

By Kirk Freeman

Bomb Vapor carries electronic cigarettes, parts, and DIY supplies, but the items they are known for fall under their e-liquid section. Customers are satisfied with almost every one of their flavors and often more than satisfied: mad with joy might describe them better. Here’s a Bomb Vapor review to set you on your way.

bombvapor.comHeading into E-Liquid

Headings for e-juices are Bomb Vapes, PureIce, Sweet, Tobacco, Fruity, Holiday Vapes, and Build Your Own. They also list a Timey Wimey collection.

This last one has me scratching my head. I can’t see how much juice you get for $21.99 or what the name signifies. A Warpstar blends berry, melon, and citrus. Valeyard is tropical, sweet, and tangy.

With Shimmer you’re getting creamy, sweet, and tropical flavors. Honestly, I feel like the connection between Timey Wimey and these names is some kind of reference I’m missing, or an IQ test Ive failed, but the flavors sound yummy.

Cherry Cheesecake, Nana Bread, and Irish Cream are a few of their luscious sweets. PureIce adds menthol to banana, coconut, cherry, and any other fruit you can imagine.

Kentucky Peach, Classic Tobacco, Classic Menthol, and RyMore are the only four under “Tobacco.” Fruits are straightforward. Just two holidays make the list: Christmas and Halloween. Vape Candy Corn e-liquid all year long, and nibble at a Gingerbread Cookie without making crumbs.

The Bombs create a lot of internet discussion, these being spicy items like Bunz (cinnamon buns) and Cinna-Ice. What most people are saying is that Bomb Vapor flavors are authentic in most cases. $7.99 buys 15mls so it’s reasonably priced. Choose up to 32mg of nicotine, an extra jolt of flavor, and additional menthol if you wish. The ratio will be either 50/50 or vegetable glycerin-dominant.

Build Your Own Flavors

A BYO flavor costs the same as the ones above. Customers select up to five flavors to be blended into the liquid plus nicotine, a vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio, and menthol if required. Then they name their juice.