Jameson’s Irish Vapor Juice

By Kirk Freeman

Remember to forget that Jackson Vapor was once called Jameson’s Irish Vapor Juice or you are going to get confused every time you go looking for one of their delectable flavors of vapor juice. The very youngest vapers and vape-shop employees won’t have heard of Jameson’s Irish Vapor Juice, certainly not if they only started vaping six months to a year ago.

If you heard they were good and are now looking for the products someone recommended a long time ago, it’s easy: Jameson’s is now Jackson. Jameson’s made you think of whiskey anyway.

Sticking to the Original Plan

Every Jameson’s Irish Vapor Juice review you ever read or heard still applies. Jackson Vapor sells the same e liquid that garnered rave reviews, like the hugely popular “Peaches and Cream” Their Tanjello, Melon Medley, Amelia, Forbidden Fruit, and Agua Dulce are blended to the same high standards as this Californian company set in the beginning. They are bottled in glass but now labeled with the ocher and amber shades of a setting sun.

A Sticking Point

One thing that hasn’t changed, but perhaps should be altered, is their prices. Great companies sometimes become arrogant and over-charge clients, especially when their products sell out no matter what price they apply to them. No e liquid is worth $1 per milliliter unless it contains the cure for cancer. Besides, you have to buy your own dripper for the bottle because their caps don’t have one built in.

High Quality as Always

But Jameson’s was always high quality juice and this has stayed the same. Local products and local production combine to create an experience which not just local vapers but a national audience of e cig users is keen to enjoy.

Customers will find Jackson Vapors at eLiquid.com, Giant Vapes, Local Vapes, and numerous other retailers. If they type in Jameson’s Irish Vapor Juice, nothing will pop up, or they will be redirected to Jackson Vapors.