Jet Fuel

By Kirk Freeman

Jet Fuel is co-owned and run by the Santomin family which takes pride in their unique flavors. During an interview, Jet Santomin (while also revealing the inspiration behind the company name) talked about the company’s beginnings.

His father had been a smoker for over 20 years, but when he discovered e-cigs, that habit was over. He had the idea for starting a business and raised it with his family. The rest is vaping history. They take great care to come up with e-liquids that are nothing like anything the competition is making.

JetFuelELiquid.comJet Fuel E-Liquid Review: Proudly American-Made

There is a website listed for Jet Fuel E-Liquid, but it did not appear to be working earlier, and now it is at the time of this writing, so the best way to find them and get in touch if their site is down is to visit them on Facebook. This is a busy site loaded with photographs and little blurbs where you can interact with the owners and other users of Jet Fuel.

Otherwise, there is a good chance of spotting their booth at one of the many national vape meets taking place regularly. The Santomin Family gets involved. Jet Fuel E-Liquid is based in Carson, California, where they have their work cut out to be different, thanks to the many top-shelf juice companies operating in California.

Where Can Customers Buy Jet Fuel E-Liquid?

Jet Fuel juices are sold by Empire Vape, Vape Vibes, Vapor Labs Online, Vapormart, and several other vendors. There is a good chance, when touring vape shops in Southern California, of discovering their flavors at a vape bar where you can sample them before dropping your bills on the counter. Expect to pay about $13 for 17mls.

Flavors by Jet Fuel

Fruits play a heavy role in the making of Jet Fuel E-Liquid. Pacific Island is a pineapple e-liquid. The flavor of tropical punch with its many fruits comes through in Aloha Punch. Raspberry and menthol combine to make Razzle Dazzle. Watermelon Sundae provides the refreshment of watermelon and menthol. A juice called Takes 2 to Tango pairs mango and peach: a juicy and flavorful duo. If you enjoy the taste of anything sour, then Sour Spectrum’s citrus solution is for you.

In spite of this fruitiness, Jet Fuel is prepared to dabble with stodgier tastes too. Rise n’ Shine is dubbed a “breakfast vape” featuring blueberry waffles. Papi Churro, the company’s top-selling choice, will remind you of churros with cinnamon and sugar. Scooby Snacks are made from peanut butter and berry flavors, something like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but less of the sugary jelly and more of the authentic fruit. As for Donkey Kong, their latest flavor, this is a different sort of banana: a dessert style unlike other banana vapes.

You will notice the omission of tobacco. None of the Jet Fuel vapes so far incorporates the flavor of cigarettes or cigars.

Recognize the Label

Sometimes the artistry evident in creating bottle labels is enjoyable and can even help solidify a connection between label and company, but not always. Some of those busy, even psychedelic creations backfire, not representing anything tangible.

The marketing team at Jet Fuel or those working for the company went the opposite direction. They chose to simplify with a black, white, and red label bearing nothing much except information. Instead of a picture per se, they suggest trails coming from jets in the sky in thick diagonal lines across the bottle. Bottles are made of glass and don’t describe the propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin mix. Vapor production is solid. Flavors are indeed unique and authentic.


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