The Mitsu

By Kirk Freeman

The Mitsu was introduced in 2013, since which time their handmade liquids have really caught on, especially in California. I couldn’t find out anything about them otherwise. Mitsu in Japanese (according to the internet) is a girl’s name meaning “shining” or “reflecting light.” I conclude from their name that the company aims to create e liquids that stand out from the rest and are shining examples of what excellent e juice can be.

Public Relations

I would like to tell you exciting things are going on at Mitsu; that they are running a contest or adding a new juice to their line. Unfortunately, I can’t say that. Their Facebook page is eerily quiet having been neglected since January 2014. Even if they added something new today, just to prove me wrong, that would mean a gap of months since their last posting.

As most vapers know, Facebook is where a lot of the online action happens: contests, announcements, photos, and communication between online customers and the company. Since The Mitsu does not have a website or a store, this would be the one way to get in touch with them.

When a Facebook page is quiet, this makes me wonder if they are still an active company.

TheMitsuThe Mitsu E Juice Review

You might want to email and tell the makers of this juice how much you love their new childproof bottles. They are no longer tinted, but they are safer.

You may wish to ask why Laich-E is no longer sold where the other flavors are sold and is so hard to come by. Perhaps your experience has been so good that you want to tell them personally that you really like this or that flavor. A Facebook page encourages interaction.

The Mitsu has received several excellent reviews for their 6 flavors: Ochai, Sinful, The Laich-E, Forever Young, Ichigo, and Krispy Dream. They come in 15-ml bottles for $12 to $15.

Sweet Flavors

All of these are sweet e juices. Ichigo is popular and top-class strawberry milk e juice which some people find creamy rather than fruity. But with steeping, the strawberry should come out. Forever Young replicates a mango candy called Hi-Chew.

Try Krispy Dream to experience Krispy Kream donuts without the calories. Ochai is a sweet spicy Chai tea-style vape. Laich-E mimics the flavor of Lychee, which some liken to grapefruit, only sweeter. Those of you who start the day with a cinnamon roll or cinnamon cereal will enjoy Sinful.

Vapor Production

All of these flavors produce decent clouds in spite of the fact that their propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio is 55/45. Customers do not choose this brand of e liquid to enter cloud competitions but for their excellent flavor.