By Kirk Freeman

Something about the color green, when the shade is just right, creates such a soothing atmosphere. The Greenman pictured on Greenman eJuice’s home page projects serenity and makes you want to roll around on a soft lawn somewhere. You can smell the green it’s so lush.

greenmanejuice.comAdirondack eJuice

A Greenman eJuice review should probably start by saying the company’s mixologists ultrasonically steep the juice.

Whatever else that might mean, be assured Greenman e-liquids arrive at your door pre-steeped.

The company is located in the Adirondacks, New York, and has been based there since the spring of 2013.

Flavors at Greenman eJuice

There are House Flavors and Standard Flavors to choose from. All of them cost $9 for 11mls and are made with a 70/30 ration of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Choose as much as 24mg of nicotine and up to the maximum VG.

House Flavors

Fuzzy custard is so named because of the fuzz on peaches that are dropped into the custard. Mundy’s Tea Bag is Chai with vanilla ice cream. Sample an Exodus: banana, coconut, mango, and creamy custard.

Their Ridiculicious represents a raspberry cupcake. A Brighid’s Morning vape contains the right blend of white chocolate, raspberry, coffee, and cream to make you want to face your day. Exodus has received raves while the G4B (their version of a RY4) features hints of banana and is exceptional.

Standard Flavors

By standard, they really mean “ubiquitous” and lots of them. There is caramel, mango, etc. Customers can buy maple syrup, red velvet cake, or whipped cream flavored e-liquid. Yam, coffee liqueur and cream, cognac, cola are a few of the many possible items. Blend them at home or opt for door number 2.

Make Your Mix

If a few of those Standard Flavors above sounded dull, as though they should be mixed with something, then roll up your sleeve. Choose a bottle size and up to five flavors or additives plus a nicotine ratio and liquid base ratio. Use descriptive terms to say that you would enjoy a yam-dominant e-liquid covered in light dollops of whipped cream and drizzled in caramel plus maple syrup. Blenders behind the scenes will know what you mean.

Accessories at Greenman

There aren’t loads of accessories to buy here: e-juice is their primary consideration; however, if you wanted a mod sock, you’re in the right place. The ones sold here are knitted no less. Also available are resistance and ribbon wire, mesh and stainless steel rope.

In Touch with the Greenman

Though mythical, there is a human side to the Greenman: the owners of this whimsical site and solid business. Call or email to let them know how much you enjoyed their juices.