By Kirk Freeman

Every so often an e liquid comes along that impresses consumers, including jaded ones who have tried everything. They can’t stop saying “wow” and not just about one or two but several of the products on a menu of almost faultless good taste.

P.O.E.T. e juice is one of those products. Their name is an acronym for Pursuit of Excellent Taste, but the really poetic aspect of their collection is the Italian naming strategy. Every title rolls off the tongue like the romantic lyrics of a song. If someone repeats these names to you it will sound like you are being wooed.

P.O.E.T. E Juice Review

There are seven e juices to talk about: Torte de Pastaccio (pistachio), Americano Ciambella (maple), Amaretto Nite Cap, Dulce Nero Te (tea), Dolce Miele Crema (honey), Nonna Torta al Limone (lemon), and Torte de Arnicia (orange). You definitely pay for quality: $14 for 15 ml.

I would argue that the company name, however, is fitting. These are still over-priced because gourmet e juices generally are, but you can definitely taste the difference. I don’t know the ratio of these juices but they create excellent clouds of vapor and are good dripping liquids.

Torte de Arnicia

This is one of the rare members of the lineup that does not come across as strongly as it could and, arguably, should. It’s a unique orange cake and coconut blend with a very light touch of tobacco. Maybe let it steep to bring out citrus and coconut more powerfully.

Amaretto Nite Cap

Almond and alcohol could be strong on your palate but they are subdued enough to allow vanilla and pear to come forward. It’s not strong but moderate; a beautifully balanced dance of flavors.

Americano Ciambella

You will find it almost always true that P.O.E.T. juices are true to their names and authentic tasting. Americano Ciambella is a maple vape with spicy cream and strong tobacco. While the tobacco is not as strong as they suggest it’s just nice against the sweetness of maple and spicy richness of cream.

Dolce Nero Te

Tea vapes aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, but plenty of e juice companies make some kind of tea vape. Often they mess around with hot drinks until they become overcomplicated. Dolce Nero Te is sweet, black tea: simple, a little strong, and down-to-earth. You might decide this is the best tea e juice around.

Dolce Miele Crema

Vapers are calling this one ‘floral’ but it is actually custard with honey and vanilla. Consider this a twist on the usual custard style.

Nonna Torta al Limone

Is this grandma’s lemon cake? I don’t speak Italian but am pretty sure I’ve seen “nonna” used the same way as “nana.” If this is grandma’s lemon cake she’s going to get fan mail. Enjoy the care taken to create a light, gentle, sweet lemon cake with the texture and density of homemade baking.

Torte de Pastaccio

Pistachio is an overlooked, underused flavoring in everything, be it cookies, muffins, ice cream, or e liquid. If your curiosity is aroused Torte de Pastaccio is an excellent place to start and may spoil you for all other e juices to come. The chocolate is light; the cream and pistachio are understated. It’s not weak, but not in your face either.

Not Easy to Find

You won’t walk into every vaping store and find P.O.E.T. e juice. The name is becoming more familiar and the brand is receiving great reviews. What you might find is that their new childproof bottles improve sales, especially to parents who check these kinds of details before they buy e liquid. The FDA will approve.