Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce

By Kirk Freeman

Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce could be outside your price range, it’s that expensive. Compare: 15mls of Mount Baker Vapor costs $5; the same volume of Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce is priced $12. I know that they are touted as producing a higher quality product, but by that much?

I’m astonished sometimes at the disparity between companies; the huge range that isn’t always easy to justify. Lots of people love MBV, no matter what you say about Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce’s popularity.

Then again, maybe fans of MBV haven’t tried this juice yet. When they do, will they be able to go back? That depends on the sizes of their pay cheques.

A Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce Review

Each bottle of Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce is labeled with warnings not to let kids get hold of it because nicotine is a poison. A batch number provides accountability if the juice is really bad when it arrives. They cannot typically be returned because tastes are individual, but there are unusual exceptions, like finding a worm in one’s juice, for instance. This isn’t tequila after all.

The juice is set to 50/50 and is not customizable. In spite of the price, ingredients are not organic either, but Ben Jonson’s makes their juice in the USA.

Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce’s E-Liquid

Nebula is a lychee-flavored juice, a type of flavor that keeps popping up these days. It’s like someone remembered that odd exotic fruit and now everyone is jumping on the fruit wagon.

You could describe Jumanji as a kind of jungle juice with mango and pineapple. Apogee gives you the taste of sweet apricot. Apogee means, literally, “highest point,” suggesting that when Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce developed this flavor, nothing could compare with it in their opinion.

Passion Tea, as suggested by the name, is passion fruit tea. When you vape a Snickelfritz, try to forget about Snickerdoodles: they are not here. Snickelfritz blends kiwi and watermelon into a creamy e-liquid.

Are Or3o and Cr3am vapes the same? Each one is laden with Oreo cookie flavor. The first of these is more like a creamy milkshake, however, while Cr3am should remind the customer of cookies n’ cream, heavy on the cream. Unless heavy e-liquid is your thing, consider either one as a dessert vape, not for all day use.

Sweet Peach Tea is less tea than peach, but a candy style peach, not juicy fruit. Enjoy the slight tartness of a Morning Dew with blueberries.

How Does Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce Rank?

If internet presence and online discussion counts for anything, Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce truly is what the name says it is: awesome. If you can afford to vape this stuff, it is worth finding the few places where it is sold.

Although plastic bottles are squeezable, I’m surprised that for this price, bottles are not made of glass. Glass ensures a clean flavor, but plastic bottling tells you Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce juices should be safe in plastic tanks.

VapeReve and Movapes (located in Brooklyn) carry the juice, available in 15ml and 30ml ($20) bottles. Each carries a sell-by date so you know it has not been sitting on the shelf for a year collecting dust. Any further information can be gleaned by viewing their Facebook page.