High Roller Sweets

By Kirk Freeman

In every new purchase you make, there is an element of risk. Even if your friend liked a product and you bought one that’s exactly the same, it might not function as well for you. That could refer to anything: a cell phone, sofa, TV, car, or a juice.

Maybe that’s what High Roller Sweets will have you thinking about: gambling. Their names are certainly potent in this sense, giving the idea you are living dangerously as you select liquids. Or perhaps they want to impart something of the glamour of a casino onto their product and its image.

High Roller SweetsHigh Roller Sweets Review

We will be looking at all of their e juices because there are just 5: Wheel of Fortune, Roulette, Hold ‘Em, Deuces Wild, and Caribbean Stud. Names for these e juices continue the theme in the company’s title as you can see: poker, a game show, a card game, etc.

Also, as the name says, these are supposed to be “sweet,” so keep that in mind when you look at their flavors. I would argue that they are not just sweet but also dense. Each one contains a creamy element.

Buy High Roller Sweets

The lowest price I saw for 35 ml of e juice was $23.99, but so much variety in pricing tells me that you should do your research before shopping. Combine this price with the cost of shipping to come up with the real price of your bottle.

Although it is inconvenient to have to buy 35 ml at a time, this does bring the price right down to 69 cents per/ml as opposed to 80 cents per ml for most high-end juices. I think the company could make smaller bottles, but your price per/ml would shoot up. Choose nicotine by increments of 5 mg up to 20 mg with a 0-nicotine option in there too.

Unique Presentation

We haven’t even looked at flavors yet, but I have to say this is the most beautiful packaging around. Each bottle is a die with a round black lid set inside a large black cylindrical box with a dripper. Instead of foam, the bottom is packed with shredded money: maybe real money, perhaps fake money. I sure hope it’s fake or at least wildly out of date. The bottom of each bottle is labeled with a batch number and shows the ratio for your juice: 50% of each vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Start with the Stud and Texas Poker

First up is Caribbean Stud which resembles a dessert called a Pineapple Whip or pineapple ice cream. Customers taste both pineapple and cream strongly; sometimes fresh pineapple, sometimes a candied style. Every inhale/exhale is a little different but there are no mystery elements.

Hold ‘Em blends yellow cake with praline ice cream, so this one is dense and nutty.

Game Show

Try Wheel of Fortune and close your eyes. Think back to mom’s Sunday dinner with hot apple pie served for dessert. Of course, apple pie comes with a scoop of ice cream on top. This is America after all. In the UK, they might pour custard over it.

Taking a Chance with Tobacco

Roulette is the ultimate game of risk, especially Russian Roulette, but High Roller Sweets has only taken a slight chance here. In this case, the gamble is mixing tobacco and butterscotch in a high-end juice. Hardly any gourmet juices contain tobacco, but butterscotch is just the right amount of darkly sweet for a tobacco e liquid.

Deuces Wild

Many moms baking cookies for school lunches and Christmas platters connect vanilla with the artificial stuff dripped into the batter, but there are many types of vanilla. High Roller Sweets uses two of them in Deuces Wild.

Strong and Weak Points

As in every gambling situation, the player has strengths and weaknesses. Presentation is strong at High Roller Sweets. No one knows how to create a stunning and convincing look the way they do. But you might ask yourself why they need to put on such a good show. Does that reflect something lacking in their performance, such as nervousness perhaps? Five flavors is small enough for the team to concentrate on quality, so let’s hope this young business has placed their chips on the right numbers.

I’m not sold on another apple pie vape. Maybe this one’s great, but the choice is overdone at this point. At least they don’t make a custard e juice. Hold ‘Em is interesting. The simplicity of Deuces Wild has the potential to flop or shine. Steeping is going to be the key here.

High Roller Sweets joined the e liquid game in 2014 from Azusa, California