Ruckus Elixirs

By Kirk Freeman

Another hand-crafted e-liquid has come out of the United States: Ruckus Elixirs. The maker of this liquid is Daniel who started selling his liquids at least as early as the late-winter or early spring of 2013. The name of his nicotine juice is slowly permeating into the vaping consciousness around Newport Beach and other cities, adding another flavor to the mix that makes up a diverse vaping culture in California.

ruckus elixirsThe Juice: a Ruckus Elixirs Review

Daniel has so far created 5 flavors for your perusal. They do not sound like anything too complicated; nothing especially layered or fancy, but execution is everything. His titles are Gorilla Guts, Apple Delight, Tidal Wave, and Pream plus a new one: Ghost.

Each one is made from USP propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (thank you Daniel for disclosing at least that much) but the ratio is unknown. Bottles are sold in 15 and 30ml sizes with up to 18mg of nicotine per volume. Pay about $12 for the 15ml bottle.

Flavors by Daniel

Apple Delight mixes caramel with apples, a pairing you have seen lots of before. Gorilla Guts gives you butterscotch and banana, a wonderful new way to taste either one: something different, yet so obvious you want to smack yourself on the head. Tidal Wave mixes blueberries with gummies; or maybe they are blueberry gummies which amounts to something similar, but not as fruity. Someone asked for peaches and cream so that blend became Pream. It always seems like strawberry and cream are going steady, but don’t discount peaches.

A final flavor, Ghost, mixes peach, pear, and lychee. Lychee is becoming a go-to vape flavor among craftsmen and women in this business. Find out if this is one of those authentic versions.

Buying Ruckus Elixirs

Several venues exist for you to purchase this and other hand-crafted products by e-liquid makers. Find them at a vape meet; a big convention where vendors put up stalls and hand out free samples. Ruckus Elixirs has been connected with one in Newport Beach and another in Anaheim. Watch their social media articles where they will keep customers informed about where to find them next.

Ask at your local vape shop if they are carrying Ruckus Elixirs and you could find a flavor, or perhaps all of them, at the bar. This is also a way that vape bartenders find out what customers want. When enough people ask about Ruckus Elixirs, they will bring it in.

Vape Prodigy in Whittier, California, offers Ruckus Elixirs. They are on tap at Calivapers. Try Planet of the Vapes where a bottle sells for $12.50, or Vapen Cherrys: their markup is terrible though. Get it online if you are not in California.

Social Media

The website for Ruckus Elixirs is pretty new, as there wasn’t one not so long ago, but Daniel makes full use of social media. It is his advertising and communications page. He has organized at least one successful giveaway, posted bright pictures of his goth new label, and uses this medium to spread news about the vaping industry, including the political stuff.