Perfumer’s Apprentice

By Kirk Freeman

The senses of smell and taste are linked by the fact that much of what we taste is influenced by how something smells. You know how you lose your appetite when your nose is stuffed: that is because you cannot smell what you are eating. This is not to say that scent and flavor are the same thing, but it is easy to see how the two go together to become a single business and one which has served customers for a decade.

perfumersapprentice.comThe Perfumer’s Apprentice Review

I say this because consumers who blend their own e juice might have overlooked Perfumers Apprentice products before now. The title is deceptive. They carry aromas for making perfume, but they also carry flavorings for use in baking, confectionery, cooking, and e juice mixing. Take a closer look at what they carry.

Making Perfumes the DIY Way

Under this heading are aroma and flavor molecules, natural isolates and molecules, bases, blends, fragrance oils, carrier and diluting oils, and tools. Items are listed alphabetically, including Florosa, Galaxolide, Kephalis, Okoumal, Rosyrane Super, and Silvial. Perfume makers know what it’s all about. Prices are set according to 4, 15, 80 ml or 1-oz bottles.

Flavors for Baking and Mixing

New flavors on this list consist of cereal, desserts, fruits, and candies. They have Acai, Mojito, Red Licorice, Fruit Circles, and Rice Crunchies. Horchata and the rest come in the same-sized bottles (look for bulk sizes under a separate heading to buy anything bigger than 15 ml). Some of these are undoubtedly influenced by the e cig industry which was in fetal stages when Perfumers Apprentice first opened.

Professional Flavors

These are divided into sub-categories to make searching easier, although there are times when classification doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. An example is the way Chicken and Waffle is classified under Sweet and Sour, not Savory flavors.

Other headings are Nutty, Organic (which is an empty heading), Spices/Floral, Tea/Soda/Liqueur, Tobacco/Wood, Non-propylene glycol, and Menthol/Mint. Fruit/Veg is all fruits unless some of the flavors I identify as fruits are actually vegetables. There are Chocolate/Vanilla and Coffee items as well.

Jalapeno, Cinnamon Red Hot, Pumpkin Spice, and Sweet Woodruff fall under the “Spices” heading. Cubano, RY4, Smooth, and Flue Cured are a few of their tobacco flavors. Key Lime, Lemon, and Apple Candy are all fruits. So are Mango, Wild Blueberry, Quince, and Raisin. Certain fruits are classified as wild or candied (blueberry is one of them). There are others you will see represented multiple ways such as apple.

Molasses and Cinnamon Sugar Cookie join Chicken and Waffle under the “Sweet and Sour” heading.

Culinary Corner

The primary purpose of the Perfumers Apprentice website is to sell products. Their business was once large enough to support a walk-in location in Scotts Valley, California, but it’s all online now according to one report. This might have changed once more in recent months and I’ll get to that in a minute. It would be safer to check before driving out to their address if you live a long way away.

The company sets aside some virtual space and time for another purpose, namely education. In their Culinary Corner, Perfumers Apprentice offers advice on how to use their flavorings and aromas in the making of sodas, coffee, cocktails, and baked goods. Learn to create candy and desserts with their various flavors and suitable bases. The small bottles she carries are ideal for amateur bakers and candy makers creating gifts for special days. Big sizes are excellent for chefs and other professionals working with huge volumes of a product.

Chance for Advancement

When the Perfumers Apprentice retreated to online operations, only I suspect this was in response to a depressed market. There were overheads to pay for, like lights, insurance, heating, and possibly employees. Operating a store was no longer wise given the state of American finances which affected everything non-essential like perfume and candy making, but e cigarettes have wrought a change in this unique field.

DIY juice makers abound, providing the chance for economic renewal and perhaps a good reason to re-open real doors. Even if perfumery is what the Perfumers Apprentice’s owner loves most, she can continue running a custom perfume business but support her self with the more substantial business of supplying vapers with flavor drops.

There is even the chance here to extend business and create e liquids if the owner has any desire to branch out. Her shop would offer a pleasant alternative for many vapers to the often intimidating vape lounge. She has no reason to sell e cigs: lots of companies in California do that already. It’s the juice her clients would be after.


This is the spot for answers to questions about using essences safely. If I were you I would visit this section anyway to see if there are questions you should be asking but haven’t thought of. Here she talks about the shelf life of essence and shipping regulations. Her contact details are all on the website too, so if a question is not answered under the FAQ heading, customers can email or phone. Walk-ins are welcome, but as I say, I’m not certain that she really does have walk-in hours right now.

Perfumers Apprentice Reviews

Perfumers Apprentice customers do not spend a lot of time writing reviews, and those which are posted mostly date back too far to be helpful today. Still, the ones you see online talk about her strong and accurate flavors. No one should take for granted that a flavor essence provider would achieve either of these things. Many products you taste today are weak, have a chemical aftertaste, or are off the mark. Good quality products remind a person of what they should: a ripe apple as opposed to a candied one; raisins, not grapes.