Wyze eLiquids

By Kirk Freeman

The people behind by Wyze and Halcyon e juice labels must be bird lovers. A species is represented on both labels. The symbol for Halcyon is a blue bird with a red breast, probably the Kingfisher of a legend related to the name. You can probably guess which bird was chosen for Wyze, in this case a blue example: probably made up unless my bird book is missing something.

Wyze eLiquids Owl LabelThe Owl Label

If you love the intelligence and intensity of an owl’s face, you will also enjoy the label for Wyze eLiquids.

The makers of these two series of e juices must be trying to make a statement: take the wise course; seek tranquility (Halcyon days) in vaping.

It is a peaceful idea emphasized by the “chi” integrated into certain flavors made for both brands.

The Four Wyze eLiquids

Wyze comes in four flavors: Mystik Chi, Talon, Cold Trill, and Parallax. The dictionary defines a Parallax as the way something appears to have changed position because the person looking at it changes his position. That is, e juice is about perspective, in this case one’s perspective on a certain treat.

Parallax by Wyze

Can one even refer to a candied pear as “healthy?” That’s how they see it at Wyze eLiquids. Makers of this e juice had an organic brand in mind coated in agave nectar which is somewhat healthy, and pear is a fruit. Still, once you sugar-coat produce it’s not health food anymore, yet this is a moot point. There is no sugar, no calories, and no fat in e juice vapor.

Talon by Wyze eLiquids

The next flavor profiled here is a creamy style tasting of American tobacco and breakfast pastry. This is definitely unique: rich but not sweet; a great vapor producer.

Mystik Chi

What is this “chi” the makers of Wyze and Halcyon e juices refer to? Several flavors contain an ingredient which makes them smooth, including Mystik Chi. Taste grapefruit and acai berries but not the tart or bitter notes you might expect thanks to a bit of “chi,” perhaps short for “chilling out.”

Cold Trill

The very name sends chills down my spine, like a sharp noise in the dead of night. Even if I knew a bird was calling and nothing more, I don’t think I could sleep again. Flavors in a bottle of Cold Trill won’t keep you awake unless you long for the decadence of New York cheesecake and a Graham cracker crust.

Flavors take Flight

When you take out the sweetness which often pervades cheap e juices to cover up nasty flavor extracts, an e juice lacks substance. Three flavors at Wyze avoid sugar-coating the truth of fruit or baked goods. Two are rich; one is clean and fruity.

The fourth, however, is a sugary anomaly in this otherwise “wise” menu. I’m not saying that candied pear is old hat or boring. In fact, I really like this unexpected combination and love it when a vapeologist finds new ways to use pear. I was merely surprised, that’s all.

Buy Wisely

You can spend up to $15 on a 15-ml bottle of gourmet e liquid at some stores, especially where e juice and vaping equipment is scarce. Don’t go to such extremes — Wyze eLiquids are sold for around $12 in glass and can be found round the nation.

The label is also carried in Indonesia and parts of Europe. The makers of Wyze invite vendors to get in touch for their wholesale pricing schedule or to consider Halcyon, another glass-bottled offering sold for the same price and made using USP, kosher ingredients with up to 1.8% nicotine.