Black Label Vapor

By Kirk Freeman

Black Label Vapor combines influences and ingredients from around the world, creating what they claim are high-quality e liquids. Their nicotine is produced in an Indian lab. Flavorings come from the USA and Italy.

Do these facts make you nervous (nicotine in India?) If their propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are USP-grade and flavorings are FEMA/GRAS-approved, can it still be possible for problems to surface from the nicotine?

Out of US Hands

The biggest problem I have here already, before even getting to flavors and products, is that producing any part of the e liquid off of American soil is unnecessary and potentially removes some element of security. Is this a lab supervised by Black Label Vapor? If not, then what makes them so sure this is the best nicotine to use? Black Label has its own 3,000 square-foot facility in Utah for making e juice. Could they not manage onsite extraction or just buy American nicotine?

Flavors: Black Label Vapor Review

Just 14 flavors feature on the Black Label Vapor website thus far. Their tobacco styles are Rawhide, Sahara, CEO, and Whiskey Tobacco. CEO blends chocolate and caramel into a familiar tobacco base. Minty flavors are Mint Chocolate, Seriously Minty, and Arctic Menthol.

Vapers who like fruit will be drawn to Georgia Peach, Strawberry Fields, and Pom-Blu. That leaves Vanilla Cream, Clove, and Seattle Grind for anyone left behind. None of these is a heavy style of vape. The menu is reminiscent of selections one would find among pre-filled cartomizers sold by cigalike companies, but at $7.99 for 10-ml bottles Black Label Vapor is a lot cheaper. Choose 0, 6, 9, 12, 18, or 24 mg of nicotine per milliliter.

Starter Kits at Black Label Vapor

Skip straight past mini cigs with bundles at Black Label Vapor. The first of these is priced $39.99 and it is excellent value. You receive a classy box, 900-mAh Smok battery, Smok Mega DCC, a USB charger, and 10 ml of Black Label Vapor liquid in 0, 9, 18, or 24 mg of nicotine.

A second kit costs $15 more, but for that price you receive an eGo case and a pair of either DCCs or two CE4 tanks. The last kit is $79.99. That extra $20 is explained by the addition of two more tanks (either four of the same or two of each) and another bottle of e liquid. Cases for kits two and three can be black or hot pink.

Choose Additional Pieces

In a small list of accessories, you will only find essential pieces and nothing to help you rebuild a DCC or CE4. Smok Dual Coil Cartomizers are not sold separately, but CE4s cost a reasonable $6.99. Cases are priced $12.99 each. For $19.99 you can replace the battery, and USB chargers are sold for $8.99 each.

Rating Black Label Vapor

Everything about this brand tells me it is geared towards male executives. It has a hard-leather, guilt-edged look about it, like a fancy ledger. Although they sell pink cases and strawberry e juice, out of 14 e liquids they found room for CEO and Whiskey Tobacco too. The masculinity leaks through more than feminine touches, and that’s okay.

This industry has its share of crystal batteries with diamond tips and sweet juices for girls. Women shouldn’t begrudge men a touch of serious masculinity, especially when the website kindly refrains from using women’s curves to sell a product.

About Bacher Deland LLC

The company behind Black Label Vapor is Bacher Deland LLC, also from Utah. This is a relatively small business with fewer than 20 employees which specializes in selling wholesale goods, but relatively little is available about this firm online. It is good to know theirs is not a tobacco company, but “wholesale merchant” can mean a lot of things. It would be reassuring if this business was more transparent.

Whoever looks after website design at Bacher Deland, however, has done an excellent job with Black Label Vapor.