Free State Vapor

By Kirk Freeman

Kansas City is home to a Spinfuel Winner called Free State Vapor. Their liquid is made from organic ingredients, but you will be surprised to discover how inexpensive it is. The firm demonstrates again that small batches of artisan, USA-made e-liquid do not have to cost almost $1 per ml. The scene in California presents a skewed impression of what reasonable pricing is.

Meet the Makers

Matt, Ross, and Karly are the three owners of Free State Vapor which opened in the summer of 2013. Matt is a foodie, big on being green wherever possible. He also insists on the use of glass bottles. Ross is the firm’s production expert. Karly is in charge of social media, sales, and contests.

Each has a niche within the company and uses his or her gifts where they are best needed. I love the way this trio cooperates to provide everything a successful company needs creatively and administratively.

free state vapor e-liquidsE-Liquids by Free State Vapor

The list below is not inclusive but a sample from the categories at Free State Vapor. They sell coffee and tea vapes, tobacco, fruit, botanical, and sweet e-liquids. A separate category highlights their award-winners. Most bottles cost $9.99 for 15mls with a few exceptions. Listings under each category make it seem as though there are loads of choices, but some flavors are found under multiple headings, which also include listings for sample packs.

Award-Winning Nicotine Juice

The winning e-liquid right now is lychee pear with vanilla mint. It’s hard to get lychee right, but the team at Free State Vapor has done it.
Tobacco Nicotine Liquid

Some of the tobacco styles at Free State Vapor are fruity, like banana. Others are sweet, such as vanilla. The selection is small, with a focus on making good stuff. Menthol is listed under this heading.

Fruit Juice

One of the fruits, grape, is on sale here listed at $8 for 15mls. Banana Colada puts a new spin on a tropical drink. There is a papaya e-liquid to try. Serpent’s Plot casts pomegranate in the role of evil fruit.

Coffee and Tea

The team at Free State Vapor appears to really appreciate tea as a vapor-juice flavor. Selections like Chai, Imperial Tea, and Earl Grey with honey and lemon show that they lean towards black teas especially.

Another selection, Lady in Lavender, is infused with bergamot, lavender, and vanilla. Amaretto Cappuccino should satisfy individuals whose favorite sweet treat is a specialty coffee or diners who prefer liqueur coffees over rich desserts after a special dinner.

Botanical E-Liquid

Only a handful of vape companies make floral and botanical flavors, at least when you insist on buying only hand-crafted, USA-made e-liquid. Free State Vapor makes Jasmine, Hibiscus with pear and ginger (a gorgeous combination), and Roxy Rose.

Sweet Styles

A sweet tooth demands more sugar than a mere grape can provide, no matter how naturally sweet this fruit happens to be. Sample some e-liquids that taste like bubble gum, butter rum, or flapjacks.

Buy Your Juice

Place orders for e-liquids online and be assured of buying triple-tested products. Only the sample or trio-pack bottles are made in very small batches. Individual bottles are made to order with 0, 6, 10, 12, 18, or 24mg of nicotine.

Visit the company blog or find out more about becoming a distributor for Free State Vapor.