The Mad Alchemist

By Kirk Freeman

When Tudor monarchs sat on the English throne, alchemy was a popular and credible science; one which even intelligent people believed could literally turn worthless substances into gold. Today, the notion is ludicrous. What comes close during the modern era? In this Mad Alchemist review, discover liquid gold.

TheMadAlchemist.comUSA-Made E-Liquid

In the famous series Blackadder the 2nd, set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, an excited Lord Percy creates a blob of “Purest Green.” Mad Alchemists Nicole Pennington, RN, and Joshua Pennington, gourmet, go one better: they create designer e-juice.

Unlike Percy’s blob, this stuff has a purpose. Their 10 flavors are Custard Matter, Peaches and Scream, Snow White’s Demise, Twice in a Blue Moon, Winter’s Brite, Dragon’s Breath, Fairy Dust, Eye of Newt, Number 9, and Zen. Notice the poems beside each flavor which do not serve to help customers understand them better, but which are relevant to their names and chosen to enhance an atmosphere of wonder.

The Poetry

It’s important to get one thing straight: if the Pennington’s wrote any of these poems, they certainly did not compose all of them. The one beside Peaches and Scream was composed by a teenager named Ashley Young. The famous “witches” from Hamlet are responsible for that flavor’s descriptive aside. Linda A. Copp wrote a poem from which Winter’s Brite received its supporting poetry.

Maybe they are not aware of this important literary rule: the works of others should be credited to them, so it would be progress if these e-liquid blenders indicated the authors of these literary works. Furthermore, it would satisfy the reader’s curiosity, especially if a literary piece sounded familiar.

On a brighter note, the titles of juices and imagery of poems create a touch of fantasy to accompany the magic of highly respected e-liquid. Consumers and reviewers love its complexity and originality.

The Flavors

Zen tastes of Chai Tea and is a limited edition. Number 9, a Love Potion, creates a crisp berry blend. Eye of Newt is actually lime and cream, like a key lime pie. If real Fairy Dust was made from anything, it would be strawberries, apples, pears, and cream.

Dragon’s Breath is a spicy mixture with raspberry and cinnamon at the fore. Choose Snow White’s Demise and embrace the allure of old-fashioned Dutch Apple Pie without the threat of poison. Blueberry cinnamon crumble inspired Twice in a Blue Moon. Vanilla and menthol become Winter’s Brite. Vanilla custard is a Custard Matter (from a poem by Ogden Nash). Peaches and Scream requires no explanation.

The Mixtures by Mad Alchemist

Each of these blends is made from 100% organic ingredients, kosher, lab-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and no artificial flavors or colors. Right off the bat, being able to assure customers there is noting artificial about their flavorings is a huge coup. Not many e-liquid companies are doing that, yet Mad Alchemist pulls of this feat at a reasonable (if premium) price.

Nicole Pennington knows what she’s doing in the lab: her other hat is as a certified lab technician. Ratios of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are indicated next to liquids on websites where you can buy them (Giant Vapes and Skyline Vapor, for example).

Customers cannot buy their liquid from Mad Alchemist e-Liquid directly unless they want to purchase it wholesale for distribution from a vapor shop. As a shopper, you can buy these bottles online at various venues.

A map on the Mad Alchemist website shows where your closest brick-and-mortar vendor of their juices exists. Bottles cost around $19.99 for 30-ml glass bottles, but 15-ml bottles are available too. After zero-nicotine, values start at 6mg and climb by sixes to 24mg.