FreeMason’s Elixir

By Kirk Freeman

The motto at FreeMason’s Elixir is not hard to discern. They add it to every bit of advertising they produce. The Freemason’s of e juice encourage their customers to “vape freely,” a telling indication of how restricted vapers are feeling right now.

The names of their e juices dig deeper into the issue. These are names like “Liberty” and “Justice” which show how the company feels about watchdogs who demonize e juice companies and e cig manufacturers for trying to convert smokers to e cigs and, maybe, save a few lives in the process.

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Their five juices are called Templar, Blue Granite, Treasury, and I already mentioned two others. That makes a small bunch of flavors sold individually or in a four-pack for $43.99, but not by FreeMason’s Elixir. They distribute their products to vendors and don’t use a third party to handle distribution either. There is no middle man, except R2D2 who appears in many publicity photos, but he’s only semi-human.

Flavor Profiles at FreeMason’s Elixir

Templar tastes like sweet apricot juice. Enjoy the dark, rich elements of blueberry and pomegranate from Blue Granite. Treasury is a trove of sweetness: honey, tangerine, and strawberry. Set your taste buds free with Liberty tasting of pear and raspberry. Justice is an apple-mango gummy e liquid.

Rounding them Up

Each juice comes in 0, 4, 9, or 14 mg of nicotine. These are unusual values in increments of 5 and 4. FreeMason’s Elixir makes it to many events around the country so if you are curious to try before you buy, follow their Facebook page. It’s not the most interesting place these days but carries information about company activities.

Facebook Promotion

What consumers like about many other Facebook pages is the pictures showing products and people using them. Many people are especially impressed when companies depict real, ordinary people instead of semi-nude vaping models aged 20 to 25. It’s as though only the young and nubile vape where some companies are concerned, while at FreeMason’s Elixir they focus on the literate consumer.

That is, each post for the last several weeks has been a graphic of paper with information written on it in the same classy font with “Vape Freely” written at the bottom. I’m not enticed, as a new customer, to learn more. It’s not until scrolling down a long way that I see faces and get to know the fascination with R2D2 which gives some personality to this company. Their e juices catch my attention, but these light-hearted posts interest me more.

Reflections on the Juice

Freemason’s like fruit, which is good for you. Maybe Justice is candy-flavored, but it’s still a fruit vape and so are the rest. In the future, if FreeMason’s Elixir launches more juices, I wonder if they will continue with fruit or try a creamy style.