Rocket Fuel

By Kirk Freeman

At Rocket Fuel, they refuse to dub their juices just “chocolate” or “mild tobacco.” Everyone’s naming their juices that way. Besides, such simplistic naming tactics would belie the complexity and care taken over the creation of these juices; as though they have been “birthed,” not merely blended. Read a Rocket Fuel Vapes review and you will see what I mean.

Twenty-four Flavors

Okay, so birthing 24 flavors of e-juice would be a ridiculous feat, even for two or three co-founders, and they would need more than a couple of years to accomplish this miracle. Still, their fruit, dessert, drink, and tobacco e-liquids have tongues wagging in the vaping community.

Those juices include a Mojito, Country Bumpkin, Johnny Appleseed, Choco La-Ti-Da, Poseidon, and Prospector Peach. Rocket Fuel Vapes wants to show customers a Harvest Moon and sends them a Valentine: “Be Mine, Clementine.”

rocketfuelvapes.comOld-Fashioned Effect

Each label is styled like an old-fashioned advertisement presented in subdued colors that have not yet met laminating technology or modern ink. Reclaiming the past applies to their aging idioms and suggestive names; terms that are now so dated they aren’t cliché anymore because a whole generation has never heard them.

What’s a prospector to a young audience? Have they heard of Johnny Appleseed? How does one currently refer to a Country Bumpkin (someone who is too naïve to have heard of e-cigs)?

Excelling at E-Liquid

In the modern world, a referral from Spinfuel decides what people should be talking about. Writers at this source of vaping knowledge hand out awards for the best juices and they gave out a few to Rocket Fuel Vapes in 2013.

They chose Peachy Keen (a common response when asked “how are things going” if life is treating you well) and Love Potion No. 9. Ol River Tobacco is another winner (mild tobacco with additional brown sugar and woody trim). Even consumers who do not like tobacco like the smooth, detailed tobacco mixtures sold here.

Look Closer

Poseidon is a fruit, cinnamon, and candy blend: trident of flavors one might say. The Harvest Moon shines down on pumpkin patches in autumn where farmers harvest crops of giant orange orbs for pies, tarts, muffins, seeds, and carving. Taste tobacco, pumpkin, nutmeg, clove, and ginger. Harvest Moon is a new version of tobacco-less Country Bumpkin. Under a Harvest Moon is where the naive child discovered tobacco.

Apple tobacco with threads of cedar and applewood become Johnny Appleseed. Select Choco La-Ti-Da for creamy rich chocolate. Clementines are a style of oranges. When blended with chocolate they become “Be Mine Clementine.” Prospector Peach is a tobacco fruit style. This version of a Mojito squeezes the juices out of citrus fruits and adds a sprig of mint for an authentic finish.

The Blend

Each juice is made from USP vegetable glycerin and USP propylene glycol. Natural and artificial flavorings and sweeteners have been added. Bottles are made from PET amber UV-shielding plastic. They have childproof caps with a thin dropper at the tip that can be adjusted using scissors if the flow is too slow.

All kinds of efforts have been made to ensure these bottles cannot be tampered with or so that tampering will be evident. Each label shows when the juice was made and provides the usual safety information about nicotine, which will have to become routine for all e-juice makers.

These nicotine-juice blends are born in Kansas City in Missouri from a mixture of 70% pg and 30% vg. Bottles cost $6.50 for 10mls. Nicotine values go as high as 2.4%.

The Website for Rocket Fuel Vapes

Rocket Fuel Vapes only released a website in December of 2013, and their blog page is lacking substance as of yet. Find out where to purchase Rocket Fuel Vapes if you are not going to order from their web page and have it shipped (orders of $50 or more ship for free).

By the looks of things, Rocket Fuel is popular in France, the Netherlands, and around the United States. These juices are sold at smoke shops in Castle Rock in Colorado and Tempe in Arizona with 29 other vendors on the books and wholesale opportunities available.

Anyone wishing to read objective reviews will be pleased to know that more than 200 certified reviews have been posted. This means they aren’t promotional spam or efforts by competitors to put the new guy down.