Native Juice Vapor

By Kirk Freeman

Native Juice Vapor sells a number of e-cigarette products: e-liquid, APVs, RBAs and starter kits from their online store. So far their website is minimalist; a lot of information is lacking, including where to locate them.

To email them you will be taken to Live Mail, not even a website contact form with a first name attached to it. There are no introductions from the owner. If you want to take your chances, then, here are some of the products in their catalogue.

NativeJuiceVapor.comNative Juice Vapor Review

A 30ml bottle of e-liquid in a glass bottle goes for $11.99. What it’s made of (organic, US ingredients, USP-grade, vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio, etc.) and where it is made (a lab or clean room) are mysteries as far as the website is concerned. $11.99 for 30mls, however, is very cheap.

E-Liquids by Native Juice Vapor

The Berry Cherry Series consists of cheesecake with up to three toppings from strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and cherry. Cheesecake is also sold on its own.

Holiday Snack Attack tastes like caramel corn. Romantics should give True Romance a chance: that’s chocolate-covered strawberries, of course. Bear Bones Bounty (with the picture of a bear skeleton) consists of caramel and vanilla custard. A Blue Moon is blueberry muffin e-liquid.

Electronics at Native Juice Vapor

The Innokin SVD Supermod sells here for $65.99. An Innokin VV/VW V2.0 is also listed for that price.
An Igo-L RBA is priced $14.89; a Nimbus Clone for $13.99. Ego+ blister packs containing a single eGo battery, clearomizer, and USB charger sell for $20 each.


There is just one range of drip tips: Smok e Mountain. Made by hand in the Philippines, each one costs $11.99.

There is a pretty small range of products as you can see, but the prices are fair. You just want to know more, like where are they from, how they make their e-liquid, and how they got started.