Sinister Liquids

By Kirk Freeman

The people behind Sinister Liquids aren’t scary. They just lit on a name that flows, especially when you say “the Sinister Standard Line” or “Sinister Sunrise e-Liquid.” Some people just have a knack for the lyrical. Sinister Liquids is a bit secretive, though, which is a bit sinister when you think about it.

There’s nothing personal on this site to tell you who they are. Nothing is listed about their ingredients to reassure clients that their sources are American and their ingredients are approved by somebody: not the United States Pharmacists, the FDA, or even someone’s grandmother.

A Sinister Liquids Review

Juices from Sinister are sold as part of their Max VG line, in a Standard formula, or customers can purchase DIY liquids. Bottles cost $11 for 30mls, excellent value. DIY extracts in 15-ml bottles cost $8. The price does not vary according to how much propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin a blend contains. Up to 2.4% nicotine is available.

The Max VG Line for Bigger Clouds

Allamaroo is one of their most talked about flavors. This is a fruity yet floral vape, light and sweet. Sunrise combines fruit with menthol. They sell Banana Taffy, Graham Cracker, Dead Head (gummies), and Marino Blend. The last one should remind the vaper of tobacco plus baked goodies.

Standard Vaping Flavors at Sinister Liquids: Balance

Items above also feature in the Standard PG/VG line so you can choose to experience a heavier throat hit or lighter throat hit and more clouds plus sweeter flavors. Sinister Liquids also has CWT: cranberry whiskey and tobacco. Teddy Bear tastes like Teddy Grahams. Try George’s Blend if you have a taste for cinnamon. This isn’t the end of their menu by any means.

For Determined DIY Customers

A 10-ml bottle of PG/VG base sells for $15. Customers select the percentage of each ingredient. Empty bottles cost 75cents each.

Where to Buy Sinister Liquids

The website for Sinister Liquids is the ideal place to purchase juices from the company, cutting out the middle man along the way. A middle man adds his markup; however, he also allows customers to shop in person when they are uncomfortable with online shopping. Also, middle men (distributors) sell other things like eGo batteries, adapters, coils, and tanks. It is always nice to find an all-purpose vendor who can do it all. Sinister Liquid, as their name implies, just handles e-juice.

Sinister Liquids are carried by Misty Mountain Vapors and Triangle Vape LLC. While Misty Mountain Vapors is located in North Carolina, Sinister Liquids does not reveal their location. To contact them, you have to fill out a website contact form. No address or phone number is provided, not even the name of their city or state. That’s about the most sinister thing about them I could find.

One Last Thing

A fun feature of the Sinister Liquids site is the option to personalize your labels. Ask to have as many as 20 characters added to the label for just 10cents. Turn your e-liquid purchase into a great birthday gift, party favor, or door prize for your charitable organization’s fundraising vape event.