Lost Art

By Kirk Freeman

There are two companies named “Lost Art Liquids,” both e juice companies, and both located in California. How could something like that happen? I can imagine two firms wanting the name “Vapor Clouds” or “E Juice Zone,” but not this name; at least not both of them in California. Rather than choosing one to write about, I thought it would be fun to consider what each vendor considers to be a lost art (they are very dissimilar notions), and also see if there were any flavor similarities.

Lost Art Liquids Review Times Two

One art that seems to have gone missing is the art of letter writing, according to one of the founders of the first Lost Art Liquids. Ryan Thomas and Brian Worthy connected the death of old-fashioned epistles with various other qualities now seemingly absent from society: Etiquette, Solitude, Simplicity, and Chivalry. I have to agree: all of these features are gone from most modern North American communities.

Their version of Chivalry is a honey, custard, vanilla, and banana e juice. I would love a bit of Chivalry in more ways than one. Etiquette tastes like strawberries and cream; satisfying yet light, pleasing but not overwhelming, just like good manners.

For Solitude, we have Peanut Butter (eating peanut butter from the jar with a spoon is not a social indulgence) and Simplicity tastes like creamy pineapple because that’s pretty straightforward. A couple more juices will be coming eventually, but the ones they have ready now sell for anything from $10.99 and up in 15-ml bottles.

Another lost art isn’t really art at all, unless cereal companies are artists now. These are the people responsible for Honey-nut Cheerios, Captain Crunch, and Nesquick. Beez Kneez, the most recent Lost Art Liquid being offered, tastes like those honey-nut breakfast O’s. Cottontail Cream is reminiscent of strawberry milk, the powdered kind. Peanut Butter Captain Crunch comes across strongly in the Kaptain Peanut Butter vape. With Unicorn Puke you should taste rainbow sherbet ice cream.

Something Odd

Okay, so the logos are different: scroll-style lettering vs. cartoon characters; old-style charm vs. cable TV. Yet, Cottontail Cream and Etiquette sound strangely similar. The same is true of Solitude and Kaptain Peanut Butter. The other two pairs are different from each other, but I can’t help but wonder what the chances are of there being so many coincidences.

Can these be the same people operating under the same name, but selling one brand to a certain audience and another to a different audience? Did a single company change its approach from civilized to cartoon and cereals?

They are both USA-made, but one longs for the simple days of 1980’s and 1990’s childhood. The other yearns for days even further in the past when people could truly find solitude without the interruption of cell phones and text messaging.

The Fun of Either One

But these vaping quartets share some of the same qualities. There is fruit in both collections, strawberry especially. There are also many milky or creamy notes, peanut butter included. Thirdly, something is missing from all eight of them: tobacco. They do not feature tobacco or menthol; not even mint.

Each collection possesses a sweet nature, and although their labels look backwards, they are truly modern phenomena. They follow a trend whereby e juices don’t resemble analog, pipe, or cigar flavors in any way. They are their own products, making a distinct statement.

More Chatter

The one that’s getting the most press right now is the series covered in cartoon-style labels of bees, bunnies, unicorns, and Captain Crunch. Breakfast vapes — especially cereal-styles — are hugely popular. They also seem to appeal to young vapers who make up the biggest audience for dessert style e liquids. Mature vapers (over 40) are drawn to tobacco while 20-somethings want to be reminded of everything sweet and light.

Lost Art Liquids like Bees Knees and Unicorn Puke consist of 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerin. They can be purchased with up to 1.8% nicotine, 1.2%, 0.6%, as little as 3 mg per milliliter, or zero nicotine. Find them wherever you buy quality e liquid.