By Kirk Freeman

This is not a review of Miami products but a Miomi E-Juice review. Their liquids are mixed by hand and this small firm is run by family members. They do not do big-batch mixes but instead handle orders one bottle at a time.

Miomi premium quality liquidFlavors by Miomi E-Juice

Andrew’s Wood is the Miomi version of black licorice. Select Angry Chair to enjoy a unique style of tobacco the layers of which are not indicated. Choco Bacco blends tobacco with chocolate and caramel.

BHT-FV is short for the ingredients in another tobacco vape. This time, black honey tobacco is enriched with French Vanilla. Dry 4 is a version of RY4.

Do you like fruit vapes better than tobacco ones? Crunkleberry Bliss blends watermelon and raspberry. Fired Up Ice is a tank breaker combining cinnamon with menthol.

More mentholated styles include Pomegranate Ice and Peach Ice. Miomi E-Juice has created numerous flavors. When their website is up and running take a look at just how many, but for now they are priced $10 for 17.5mls at BFB Vapor. This Washington shop has chosen to sell the brand because the company is local.

Growing Soon

Right now Miomi E-Juice is a small business and they will probably remain that way. But with a website to show, they plan to stick around. On that site let’s hope there are more flavor descriptions to explain some of those names. Why is the chair angry? How come Andrew’s wood tastes like licorice, and how does he know?

Ratings So Far

Miomi might have left the early stage of business where they distribute to family and friends, tweaking flavors according to their comments and suggestions, but it’s still early days. And yet there have been enough reviews to show that this is high-quality juice. In spite of their high ratings, prices are very low. Top shelf juice usually sells for more like $0.80 to $1 per ml. Miomi is priced around $0.58 per ml.