By Kirk Freeman

E juice companies that charge high prices and are too artistic for their own good had better watch out. Avalanche Vapes is a down-to-earth kind of competitor that could bring other vendors down to earth in a painful way: by knocking them off of their feet.

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It’s not their intention to get rough with the big guys, but it will not do this young industry any harm if inflated ideas of what constitutes good juice are deflated sooner rather than later. Are good juices the ones with fancy labels? Do they have names you can’t understand and cost 90 cents per milliliter? Compare e juice makers to book writers and vintners.

There is “Literature” with a capital “L”‘ and 95% of people either cannot understand it or don’t want to. It is dry and slow, like a fine wine which, though it costs $30 per bottle, does not taste very nice. Just because you don’t like what snobs drink and read doesn’t mean you cannot tell what is good and what isn’t.

Avalanche Vapes flavors are kind of like the $15 bottles of wine that taste as good if not better than their loftier contemporaries; or similar to well-written books with engaging plots that voracious readers enjoy. Their flavors sound like something you can relate to. Their prices are accessible.

Flavors at Avalanche Vapes

So far the company has released 26 flavors which they sell to wholesale customers from their website. These companies can choose some of the line or all of the flavors. One internet vape juice provider carries 11 of them like Banana Bread, Hot Cocoa, and Sugar Cookie. They can also choose to provide all of Avalanche Vapes’ nicotine levels (0, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8, and 2.4%) or just some of these.

Other selections include White or Red Gummy, Watermelon Bubble Gum, Pear on the Leaf, and Orchard Peach. AV makes and sells fruit or sweet vapes, but there aren’t any tobacco liquids up for grabs.

About the Juice

Avalanche Vapes e juices are made at a wet lab in Orange County, California. They use ingredients derived from American sources which are blended by chemical engineers. These are individuals who understand the way ingredients interact for good or evil and can prevent the latter from encroaching on their success (and your pleasure and safety). You can buy a flavor online or from a participating retailer for about $10 in a plastic bottle with a white cap.

Facebook and Avalanche Vapes

Their website isn’t a party but a business place for wholesalers to learn more about the product and to place orders. It’s on Facebook where Avalanche Vapes has the opportunity to shine, so do they?

Unfortunately, they have fewer than 100 likes and joined a year ago, so they aren’t using the site to their advantage yet. Even as a wholesale supplier, they could tantalize new customers by running contests and giveaways. I for one would love to see them give that a try. Their product sounds like high-quality stuff, but the industry is chalk-full of flashy bottles. To get customers’ attention, they need to grab a share of that. Attending vape conventions as they have done already is a good place to start, but Avalanche Vapes could really use social media to enlarge their profile.