By Kirk Freeman

Does e-juice sell itself? You wouldn’t think so the way some companies market theirs. It’s as though they believe a seduction of sorts is needed, and that all electronic cigarette users must be males. Actually, female vapers outnumber males, yet when it comes to selling e-liquid with sex, women always take their clothes off.

SeduceJuice.comSeduce Juice Review: Pin Ups on Facebook

Their Facebook page is full of mechanics’ pin ups; the kind you see on the back walls of garages, past the jacked-up vehicles, air compressors, tires, hubcaps, gasoline, and diesel. The image of a snake slithering all over a woman contains enough potential double-meaning to render a lonely man helpless.

The owner of Seduce Juice is not naive: the sexual tone is deliberate and too loud to be sensual. Biblical names for e-liquids are entirely ironic while visitors to their Facebook site are addressed as “hellions.”

More about Nicotine Liquid by Seduce Juice

But if you can’t abide this kind of marketing and you feel your eyes sizzling as you read their ads, you will not get to try some lovely nicotine juice.

Consumers, including professional reviewers, agree that this is premium stuff yet a 10-ml bottle costs just $5.99.

For once, a reasonably priced 10-ml bottle is worth what it costs. Let us hope this revelation does not go to their heads: we would not want prices to climb for no good reason other than the mountains of praise they receive over at Seduce Juice.

Available volumes are 10, 15, 30, 50, and 118mls. Nicotine is up to 2.4%. Customers select the vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol base they want.

Often, a red note on the website indicates that a juice should be steeped for a minimum number of days before it is vaped. If not steeped, the liquid will be tasteless or at least not as tasty as it could be. Get the most out of your purchases and take their advice.

Seduce Juice FlavorsSinful Flavors

Snake Venom (part of the “snake” line) tastes like creamy peach and coconut. Jezebel is a fruit blend. Exodus 7:20, its label covered in a bloody image, could remind you of the day when God turned the water in Egypt to blood because Pharaoh would not free the Israelites from captivity.

Actually, people who buy this style of Seduce Juice are more likely to think of raspberry, pomegranate, and watermelon: all things red as they say on the website.

Melon, cucumber, and mint blend to form Nebuchadnezzar, that infamous king and persecutor of the Jews. Apparently, this mixture calls to mind the famous Garden of Babylon, only dry remains of which are still visible today.

Juices on their “Top Sellers” chart are Snake Oil, Snake Venom, Jezebel, and Exodus 7:20. Other juices on the menu are supplied by Ruthless, Suicide Bunny, Space Jam Robofuel, People’s Vape, Five Pawns, and Five Pawns Mixology. Seduce Juice has chosen excellent e-liquids, a sign that they have no fear of the competition and can hold their own against e-juice stars.

Seduce Juice carries EZ Duz It by Ruthless in a 90/10 vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol blend tasting of strawberry and watermelon, $14.99 per bottle. The Castle Long Five Pawns Mixology juice comes in 30-ml bottles for $27.50. You should find yourself savoring Madagascar vanilla, caramelized brown sugar, roasted almond, toasted coconut, and Kentucky bourbon.

Last Call E-Liquids

Even if you really liked them, some of the juices at Seduce Juice just did not fly. Orders were too small. You can’t keep a juice on the market all by yourself, but you can order as much as possible before the final bottle disappears.

“Last Call” e-liquids include Chunky Munky (banana with raisin: an acquired taste), Eve’s Nectar (apple, chocolate, and mint form an unusual alliance that didn’t work), and Cloven (just remove the “n”). Lists like these change regularly as tastes wax and wane. If you don’t want your favorite to wind up on the list, place orders regularly.

Tanks and Clearomizers

Seduce Juice sells just a few vaping products; enough to help vapers stay wicked-up and ready to go. A Kayfun Lite Clone costs $35. Aspire Nautilus Tanks carry $35 price tags too. Bring home a Protank Mini 2 and pay $19.99. The Innokin iClear 30, Evod, Kanthal coil, wick, and other RBA supplies make it to the list as well.

E-cig suppliers are not their main focus as you can see with only tanks in the catalogue, not batteries. There is not a single eGo; not a Spinner or an APV in site. They don’t sell mods, mod batteries, or charger. Drip tips, wraps, and eGo holders are for other websites.

This should not bother vapers though. Seduce Juice is located in Charlotte, NC, where the vaping scene is heating up. Choices are growing for the vaping community at physical retail outlets and online shops. If you can’t find a store, there is bound to be a mall kiosk at the very least. All of the above items are readily available at competitive prices.

Ordering from Seduce Juice

A few people must have asked about phone orders. I have only seen a few websites mention the subject at all. As they say at Seduce Juice, with a phone order they cannot verify identification.

How then can they ensure all online customers are aged 18 or older: because they said so when entering the website? Any customer who can add will be able to pick a suitable birth year, and if she can steal a credit card and use a phone, she can do just as much damage online.

Still, it’s their business and they don’t need a reason. Online orders aren’t possible, full stop. If you are not comfortable sharing credit card details over the phone, go to the store and make a purchase. They open Monday to Saturday.

E-Liquid Info

All that’s said about Seduce Juice liquid on their website is that they use GRAS ingredients. Sadly, this is not enough in the current climate. I know they’re busy taking pictures, but customers and the FDA expect to see more information.