West Shore Vapes

By Kirk Freeman

If you are looking for West Shore Vapes, try typing “Mistavape” into a search engine. This will lead you in the right direction. They are makers of e-liquid and also sell hardware by Kanger, Efest, Innokin, Vision, and Kamry. Mistavape is located in Enola, Pennsylvania.

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The Vision Spinner Kit for $74.99 contains an 1100mAh battery, one tank, a case, a USB charger, and a bottle of e-liquid of your choice. Purchase an E-LVT Durable E-Cig Kit for $114.99.

There are many accessories available on the website such as a rotating red aluminum 510 Drip Tip and the iTaste SVD Express Kit with an iClear 30 and 15ml of juice for $79.99. Prices are fair.

West Shore Vapes/Mistavape carries cases, drip tips, wraps, and other parts or pieces to accompany various makes of e-cigarettes. They do not carry mechanical mods or cigalikes.

Nicotine Juice

E-Liquid is sold here for $8.99 in 15ml bottles. Flavors include the standard selection and an Epic Collection which appears to be inspired by exceptional life experiences. Items on the second list sell for $2 more and go by ingenious names.

It’s a Girl is full of pink sweetness supplied by watermelon and strawberry interlaced with vanilla and tobacco. Don’t pass the cigars around when the baby is born; distribute bottles of this e-liquid instead.

A chilly vape containing Extreme Ice is Frostbite. Sudden Drop blends Extreme Ice with strawberry.

Fuzzy Navel, Honey, Prickly Pear, Cherry Crush, Root Beer, and Kahlua Cream are some of the tantalizing “standard” flavors.

Customize your Liquids

There are several ways to customize your juice from Mistavape. Choose ultrasonic steeping: 5, 10, or 15 cycles. Select nicotine from 0 up to 24mg.

Retail Locations for West Shore Vapes/Mistavape

The website link to retail locations gives you a map so you can pinpoint exactly where their several distributors are located in Pennsylvania. The brand is sold at Smokers Express.