Alpha Vape

By Kirk Freeman

If you go looking for Alpha Vape eliquid, plan to shop at expensive outlets. They carry it at Elevated Vaping for instance, an online e cig store known for its high end, top notch equipment. Why else would you find Alpha Vape at a place like that unless it fit their profile of selling only the best of everything?

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They are an e-liquid subscription company who sells Alpha and many other top e-juice brands.

Why is It Such Great Vapor?

I am not exactly sure what is so great about the way they make their seven flavors of nicotine juice at Alpha Vape. Here is the problem: the writers at Elevated Vaping give their impressions and a write up of what they sell, but that’s not the owners of Alpha Vape listing ingredients.

Alpha Vape e liquids

Much of that info is probably available on Facebook or something: whether they are organic, pharmacy grade, US-sourced ingredients, or whatever. All I know is that Alpha Vape favors vegetable glycerin in their blends. VG is notable as a vapor producer. The more vegetable glycerin there is in an eliquid the thicker vapor it produces (from a good model of electronic cigarette that is).

What Customers are Saying

When consumers write reviews about Alpha Vape eliquid they typically use adjectives such as “amazing” and “the best.” They point out how smooth it is and the balance between ingredients which prevents a vape from being too sweet or one flavor dominating a mixture so much that there is no undercurrent, no complexity, and nothing on the exhale besides that one flavor. Reading their reports is much like reading impressions left with a wine drinker who has just tasted the latest Chardonnay from California.

What I went looking for was information about whether any of their flavors breaks plastic tanks. It is safest to avoid filling plastic tanks with citrus or cinnamon vapes, so what does Alpha Vape have to offer?

Nicotine Juice and an Alpha Vape Review

Here is what you have to choose from depending on where you shop. Elevated Vaping sells 30ml bottles for $22. I saw Local Vape selling 15ml bottles for $12 (slightly more than half the price). Juices come in strengths of 0, 6, 12, or 18mg. A 120ml option was listed but I never saw one in stock.

Heist represents candy apple with notes of strawberry, mango, and pineapple. It is a very sweet vape so maybe not best for all day. Maybe this one is a midday pick-me-up. I love that apples and candy are blended with an unexpected tropical mixture of fruits but wonder if apples, strawberry, and pineapple are strong enough to cause damage to plastic clearomizers.

Experience cantaloupe, honeydew, cream, and pear from a juice named Hoops. This one could very well be an all day vape because it is not as sweet as Heist, but the creaminess might be too rich for some vapers.

Mr MiyagiGo to Manchu for guava and mango. Miss White combines dragon fruit with raspberry. If you like papaya, Mr. Miyagi will strike you as strange in a good way. Experience plum and papaya mixed together. This unusual blend also features a hint of lime.

If you a sweet tooth, let’s just hope Sweet Tooth is sweet enough. Could vanilla, cookies, and graham crackers do the trick? Actually, if it does not, your tooth is sweeter than most. This blend certainly won’t require a Pyrex tube for safety.

Vape a Dude and enjoy peach mixed with pineapple; juicy with tangy. Every reviewer has a favorite, and the funny thing is they all differ. It appears you cannot pick a bad Alpha Vape, which is the point their name tries to make. AV seeks to be the best; number one; the alpha.

A Visit to Facebook

Always visit the Facebook page when you find a company whose products you prefer, whether those are eliquids, mouthpieces, drip tips, or devices. Their websites feature some deals and promotions, but not as often as social media.

Moreover, if you are browsing social media you find out about specials and contests faster. Besides, Alpha Vape does not appear to have its own website. If a company has no interest in running a site it is better if they don’t.

I’ve seen some websites for small companies making eliquid recently that are totally inadequate. Facebook is ample if there are enough distributors willing to sell high-priced Alpha Vape eliquid on their internet pages.

By the way, if you visit them on Facebook it’s also possible there’s a something in their posting history indicating where the names come from. Mr. Miyagi was the karate teacher in Karate Kid: what’s that got to do with papaya and plum? Who is Miss White?

Possibly this is a reference to some important person who inspired AV’s dragon fruit raspberry eliquid. Other memories which spawned “Hoops,” “Heist,” and etc. might also be listed. You certainly don’t get any clues from the blends they are associated with.