By Kirk Freeman

With all the political hoo-ha going in California about electronic cigarettes, where members of the state’s government are debating the safety of e cigs, California’s vapers need a place to discuss their love of vapor. It has to be safe and relatively private, but open to other Californians who feel as they do.

As you will soon see by reading this CaliVapers review, the site is not a retail shop or online e cig store. Calivapers is an online community just for people who vape in California.

CaliVapers.comCategories at Calivapers

Members of the community discuss devices they have bought, are considering buying, or are expecting to arrive any day. They share experiences, offer advice, and encourage one another. If you are a smoker experimenting with vapor and needing a cheering squad, expect to receive a lot of positive reinforcement from fellow members. Anything and everything is discussed here pertaining to vaping, as long as it falls within rules of the site.

Shopping Online

Users can post items for sale online and members can buy these items, whether they are new or used. There are forums for vendors and for clients, so a place for everyone to have his or her say and talk about products. Advertising and coupon codes are also present on the site. To post anything and to read full posts, you have to be a member.

Website Calendar

The calendar features user names of members or company names attributed to dates: possibly because those are birthdays or dates of special events. You set up a profile when you create your account, so presumably your birthday (with or without year) is added at that time. That would account for some of the numbers under names.

The Nature of CaliVapers Commentary

Vaping comments fly thick and fast on CaliVapers. So long as someone is on the site, you will see articles pop up constantly in almost-real time, often in the form of a discussion between two or three people.

More Features

New registrants go to the FAQ section and look up how to start an account and create articles. Discover how to edit and update those articles and even how to organize them on the site. This FAQ section also lists rules, most of them obvious.

Use your opportunity responsibly if you want to maintain an account. Most people do, leaving out rude language and discussing their vaping-related opinions or experiences intelligently, in ways other people can benefit from.


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