By Kirk Freeman

The ecig industry consists of several manufacturers who try their best to come up with a unique e-cig device to attract customers. More recently, the trend of mini ecigs have become quite popular and not as many manufacturers are producing APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers).

These devices are essentially ecigs but they are larger, more powerful and are typically used by advanced ecig users. Smoktek is a brand that creates and sells APVs and their associated accessories and flavors.

VaporZone Air kit**Note**

When on the subject of APVs, I like to point out VaporZone.

Pictured here is the ‘Air’ kit, which is a killer mini APV.

They have a sick like of advanced vaporizers. With this company you’re buying direct, and skipping right over the middle man.

They also have a massive line of e-juice, which has a total of 30,000 blends since they are custom blended when you opt for that.

Check ’em out at

Why Smoktek?

Smoktek excels at APVs because of the fact that they offer more power for your money. Their default battery is quite powerful when you compare it to typical brands. A normal mainstream branded ecig hardly lasts 2-4 hours before it needs to be recharged. The same cannot be said for Smoktek’s advanced vaporizers which come with a very powerful battery lasting over 6 hours.

Apart from APVs, you will find everything you need as an advanced ecig user. For example, if you like DIY stuff, there are plenty of spare parts here to pick and customize your ecig or create a completely customized device. It is up to you whether you pick a pre made ecig or develop your own using spare parts showcased on Smoktek.

There are also plenty of fun accessories to pick from. You can get covers for your ecigs to play around with and there are plenty of flavors to pick from.

If you enjoy vaping with dip trips, there are some really high quality dip tips available too. You can also learn a few DIY techniques to create your own ecig or blend juices together by using the official website of Smoktek. The company is all about enhancing the experience you get from vaping and if you are an advanced vaporer, you will love this brand.