The Standard Vape E Juice

By Kirk Freeman

Vapers of The Standard Vape E Juice should choose a second and probably a third favorite below The Standard Vape. I say this because their stock runs out quickly. Several discerning companies carry the brand online and in person, but when you go to buy it there is a high probability the company is out of stock for now. You end up on a list, waiting for an email alert saying the product is back in stock.

Is it worth the wait? Our review is quick to discover that The Standard Vape is popular juice, no doubt about it. Consumers can taste the complexity of each flavor and quality of ingredients. This is pricey stuff: 30ml bottles can cost as much as $30, but many stores sell it for $22. You have to shop around and take advantage of coupons if you can.

Picky vapers sometimes refuse to vape anything but The Standard Vape, so it’s a good thing there are lots of dealers out there. What’s out of stock in one place could be down to its last bottle or two elsewhere. Don’t give up: just keep looking.

“The Standard Vapor” makes it sound like flavors are standard, ordinary: dull. That’s not the case. I guess it’s hard to weigh up flavors apart from their packaging because the bottles are far from standard. They look like rectangular whiskey or cologne bottles. Labels are all different.

G35 features a fly and contains pineapple, coconut, mango, and a touch of menthol. Frankenvape’s label obviously shows Frankenstein as imagined by 1930s film makers, but contains kiwi and marshmallow. The cover for Irie Nights depicts a giraffe, but inside is Jamaican rum and brown sugar.

Cell Block 4 is Crème Brulee cake with citrus undertones, while the very popular Curious Jorge is thick with banana and nothing else. If you go to a Dead Man’s Party, guess what you’ll be drinking: blueberry lemonade. That took me by surprise. I thought they’d be sipping something stronger.

Each flavor comes with a 10ml needle bottle if you buy it online from some suppliers.