By Kirk Freeman

If you had to choose between a kit with lots of hardware and a starter package featuring just a little bit of everything, including liquid, which would you prefer? For many individuals, liquid is something they expect to buy anyway, so why include it in a starter kit? Besides, many basic starter kits limit what is available to menthol and tobacco at a percentage of nicotine chosen for the customer.

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Vapor Fi has opted to sell hardware in its starter kits instead of e-liquid. While this means you have to be alert to what you are buying, the trade off is great. An Express kit for two-part e-cig users costs $29.99.

Usually this price gives users just one battery and a USB charger. Consumers receive a wall charger and a second battery as well, making the price look even better.

Starter Kits

The Express is an introduction for people who have never smoked an e-cigarette before. The next level is a Pro Kit, probably best for individuals who have started to vape and want more performance.

The Pro Kit has more parts, including separate atomizers. These are the heating devices which sometimes come with cartridges or are included in a re-fillable cartridge (mouthpiece). Ease into AVP assembly before hitting the big time.

VaporZone Pro Kit

Exploring VF starters, you soon see that tank systems are where they concentrate their efforts, and they make theirs as sleek as they come.

You can opt for colors later when buying accessories, but for now stick with grey or black and feel like a vaper from the future.

Prices creep until they peak at $200. At this point you have a dual-head, variable voltage device, such as the VaporZone Rebel.

Fabulous Choice

One benefit of using VF products is choice. As a new smoker, you can experiment with blank cartridges you have to refill, pre-filled cartridges, and cartomizers which contain a new atomizer in each cartridge. Some of the flavors are delectable, like birthday cake. Others are savvy such as Top Shelf Bourbon.

Flavors include fruit, dessert, tobacco, and the possibility of custom blending your own liquid. A 30ml bottle or cartridge 5-pack of e-liquid costs $14.99. As a bottle of liquid, this is a great price. For cartridges, this is comparable but not cheap. Cartridge blanks cost $7.00 for 5, but an AVP comes with a tank.

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One thing reviewers rave about is how complete and extensive the line of accessories is at Vapor Fi. If you need something, it is likely there. Think of a color, and that hue is also probably listed. Several atomizers, chargers, cases, drip tips, and batteries make the list.

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