Cherry Vape

By Kirk Freeman

Cherry Vape of Port Chester, New York, makes and sells some of the most coveted drip tips around, but that’s not all they do. In this Cherry Vape review, I’ll look at those drip tips, certainly, but also glance at their other products. You might be surprised by what you find.

Cherry Vape bbbAddressing the Better Business Bureau Rating

For some reason, Cherry Vape has not satisfied the BBB’s requests for information, which is too bad because there is no other apparent reason to give them an “‘F.” They say as much on the site: there are no complaints to deal with; no problems to address.

Meanwhile, customers give them strong ratings which apply to products and online/in-person sales. Granted, most comments pertain to the drip tips, not to their other gear or their e liquid.

If you looked at the “F”‘ rating first, that would be a huge mistake. Cherry Vape drip tips are good tips, totally reliable and very beautiful.

cherryvape.comFrom their half-baked website, however, I wonder if the company is just too busy doing what they do to answer the phone when people from the Better Business Bureau call them up. A higher rating wouldn’t do them any harm and all they have to do is answer a few questions. Accreditation is not necessary. Lots of companies get high ratings without paying for BBB accreditation.

Drip Tip Talk

You might have noticed that Cherry Vape tips are not $5 pieces. They cost a minimum of $10, but that is for a basic Delrin product like the black or white Cloud Chaser. A stainless steel version with a Delrin core costs $30.

The Steampunk Ember Limited Edition Ming is $20. A Moo Ming with its swirling black and white blobs (white looks so creamy against black) costs $25. Of course, the pattern is in honor of cows, not cream, but I still see blobs of cream. Cotton candy-style shades of purple and pink dance together on a Nebula in a similar design for the same high price.

Anodized green and aluminum electric blue Ming drip tips cost $18. Customers love these products. They fit nicely onto 510 connections and work the way they should. Cherry Vape also makes Ming bowl and pawn shapes. You will find them wherever fine drip tips are sold all over the United States.

Yep, these are pricey. It’s tough to justify the cost of these tips except to say that Cherry Vape is an American company, not a Chinese manufacturer. If you would rather have a $2 or $3 tip, there are also lots of options.

Nicter E Liquid

It is a strange thing that Nicter E Liquid by Cherry Vape has not received much coverage from the vaping community. We hear about many other styles of e juice, but this is American, lab-made liquid featuring USP-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and nicotine distilled in an FDA-approved lab. While consumers are clamoring for more information about their e liquids, Cherry Vape offers their info proudly and freely. Cherry Vape juices contain no diacetyl or oil.

Flavors are categorized as Flavors from Morning, from the Sweet Shop, Patisserie, the Tiki Bar, from the Coffee Shop, and Flavors from the Nut Cart, Garden, or Tobacco Shop. Al’s Cookie and Bavarian Cream join Chocolate Ice Cream, Turtles, and Peanut Butter in the Sweet Shop. For morning, there are Blueberry Pancakes and Maple Syrup (two separate vapes, but they would suit each other nicely.)

Apple Pie, Lemon Chiffon Pie, and Peach Cobbler are Pattiserie items. The Tiki Bar features Coco-Banana Banger. At the Café, vapers will find Coffee and Cinnamon, Choco Coco Mocha, and Hazelnut Coffee. Toasted Almond is a nut thing. Pumpkin, Raspberry, Pear, and Autumn Orchard were harvested from the Cherry Vape garden. Tobacco styles sound so boring after that: just Tobacco and Menthol.

You pay $10.95 for a 15-ml bottle, making this an affordable selection with plenty more besides what I have listed here: more than 100, certainly. Liquids contain up to 24 mg of nicotine per volume.

Cherry Vape Review

Cherry Vape does carry starter kits. It’s as though they felt they had to have some hardware around, and it’s not randomly selected. They sell Ego kits, as you would expect. Cherry Vape isn’t really in the e cig business, however; just the drip tip and e liquid business which is plenty in my estimation, especially now that their products are household names (at least wherever householders vape anything as big as an Ego or bigger).