By Kirk Freeman

As noted in many articles on the topic of, well, just about anything, buying goods from China is more affordable than buying them from the U.S. Electronic cigarettes are usually made in China and sold at hugely jacked-up prices by some retailers. There is also the risk of winding up with goods you cannot use because quality is not always as high when you take the cheap route. Is Dekang E Juice one of those affordable but cheap products?

Dekang Review

Lots of e juice retailers sell Dekang liquids. They can buy it wholesale, which is a bonus not offered by every American e liquid company. Plenty of gourmet liquids are made to order. Dekang carries loads of flavors verified dealers sell really cheaply in nicotine strengths of up to 26mg.

Are companies making a concession to budget-conscious vapers by carrying Dekang? Do they really believe this liquid is good enough? Some people really like Dekang if they light on the right flavor. There is the chance that lesser-quality “Dekang” E juice isn’t Dekang at all, which muddies the waters. Perhaps cheap-tasting liquid is a knock-off.

Varieties of Juice

Dekang makes over 80 flavors like Virginia Tobacco, 555, and RY4. E liquids are classified as Silver Label, Gold Label, Premium, Vapor Fruits, and Vapor Plus. Gold label flavors contain coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant, making this a kind of vitamin juice. Vapor Plus is made for all kinds of vaporizing equipment. Premium Vapes come in just 4 varieties marking the four seasons. They contain tobacco flavors from around the world.

What is in Dekang E Juice?

The website for Dekang says their ingredients are all natural, and I can testify that natural does not always mean “great.” Propylene glycol is one of those ingredients, but there is no diacetyl or diethylene glycol.

What Do Consumers Say?

Forums are useful places to visit because writers say it as they see it. In the case of Dekang, views are diametrically opposed. Like marmite, you love it or hate it. The juice has been accused of carrying a perfume-laden scent and flavor, a chemical taste, and simply being inferior in every way. There are also consumers who will only use Dekang.