Vapor Beast

By Kirk Freeman

Whereas many e cigarette e-tailers focus on functional, high-rating products, Vapor Beast extends this purview without settling for less. The mods and tanks they carry include some basic units, but also stunning hardware designed with as much artistry in mind as vapor production. This Vapor Beast review looks over their selection.

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Bling and More

For instance, a series of eGo Bling batteries sparkle as though encrusted with jewels. One battery depicts a skull. Some tanks and mods are not just colorful, but the metal has been ridged and shaped to give texture to the final result and remind consumers of other things.

E Cig Tanks

An example of this is the Raven tank that puts you in mind of an ancient weapon. Boge F16 V2 Pro Tanks resemble studded maracas in pink, black, white, or blue.

Tanks at Vapor Beast come in a range of capacities and resistance levels for eGo and APV mods, compatible with a variety of batteries and units.

A Raven Tank with 2.6 to 2.8ohms has a 510 connection thread and plastic tank. The Boge resistance is 1.75. It is made of Pyrex glass with an anodized casing and drip tip.

Popular Brands

Customers coming to Vapor Beast will be presented with a selection from Kanger, Boge, Innokin, and Aspire. There are actually many choices: whatever the managers of this site consider good enough to sell and can offer at a good price. Also, Vapor Beast sells the Blu e cig starter kit. This is an unusual find on an independent e cig website. Usually, hardware would start at 510 or eGo kits and get more advanced from there.

Navigating the Website

To navigate the site, start at the top list that shows what Vapor Beast has on sale. These items include e cigars, electronic pipes, handcrafted wood mods, and hybrid mods. When you choose a category, several related items will also be highlighted below as alternative or additional purchase options.