Halcyon Vapors

By Kirk Freeman

Halcyon is the name of a bird that resembles a cross between a kingfisher and a hummingbird. In fact, the bird is mythical, but is said to impart a sense of peace and calm. When you vape juices by Halcyon Vapors, you should probably feel relaxed. I’m not sure what nicotine does to you: people’s reactions vary. Whether you relax or not will be dependent on this reaction and what concentration you choose from 0 to 2.4%.

About the Juice

All Halcyon Vapors juices are made from 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. They come in 15, 30, or 120ml formats, the last of these in a glass bottle. There is no diacetyl in their blends. Halcyon is an insured and licensed e liquid company.

Halcyon Vapors Review

Halcyon Vapors is not currently making loads of different flavors. They carry 6 at the moment: The Grape Gatsby, Nombomz, Frosting, Dragon Ch’i, Tango Down, and Cran Ch’i.

Frosting tastes like frosting of course, specifically strawberry flavored. Nombomz is a citrus soda. With Tango Down, you get a blend of tangerine and berries. Bottles of this American-made e liquid sell for $12 per 15mls.

Is this a varied enough choice to make you want to skip the others and come straight here? Actually, lots of companies only make and sell a few juices at a time, especially some of the expensive ones. So, yes: the price will draw you in. Flavor will probably keep you there.

Where to Buy Halcyon Vapors

Why am I so confident about this? It could be that there are 30+ locations in California selling Halcyon Vapors, not to mention the handful of stores in Florida and Nevada. Word gets around quickly if your goods don’t measure up.

Online sales are not provided directly through the company. These are handled by two websites: one for U.S. customers, the other for international clients.