Value Vapor

By Kirk Freeman

One guy appears to run Value Vapor, or maybe he is just the spokesperson for the firm. He is straightforward about the business in his FAQ section and you have to admire that. His sense of humor breaks through any business rhetoric, not that there is any rhetoric here. Value Vapor is as authentic as they come.

Expensive Vapor?

Who thinks $3.99 for a bottle of vapor is expensive? This is a comment someone made and which the owner responded to by saying he will not sell cheap gunk. I can’t believe that anyone would argue $3.99 is not a great price. You can even buy flavor-filled cartridges for $1.59 each if you do not use a refillable tank. I fail to see the problem with these price tags.

More Flavors than an Ice Cream Parlor

There are 98 types of liquid to choose from. This Value Vapor review cannot look at all of them, but here is a selection: Blue Can Cola, 3×5 Tobacco, Cherry Cola, Desert Ship Tobacco, and all of them available with up to 24mg of nicotine. I do not know the size of the bottles, unfortunately, or their total nicotine range: these details were not clear on their page.

Value Vapor carries liquids by three companies: Dekang, Hangsen, and FlavorZ. You have probably heard of them all or at least one of them. This makes checking out quality control and ingredients a simple matter. Just know that these are popular and trusted brands.

Other Products at Value Vapor

Value Vapor is mostly into selling e juice, but you can also buy cartridges, dripping accessories, and some e cig accessories. DSE-901, eGo, and 510 kits are also available.

The Company

Value Vapor is based in Austin, Texas, where they have a store and have been operating since 2009. In e cig terms this is a long time. Relative to many new firms, you have to look at 5 years as though they were dog years. Find Value Vapor on Twitter and Facebook. Follow threads on electronic cigarette forums. Email them. If you go onto social media, you have a good chance of learning when special promotions or discounts Value Vapor has coming up.